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  • Olivia Castro

Smokable Marijuana Bill Advances in Louisiana

The medical marijuana program in Louisiana could be expanding to include raw smokable marijuana! Whenever there is big cannabis news in the state you can always count on Louisiana Marijuana Card to get it to you. You can read more about medical marijuana on our blog or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay connected on the go!

HB391, proposed by Houma Rep. Tanner Magee, flew through its first review yesterday with a 12-1 approving vote by the House Health and Welfare Committee. Now the bill will be headed to the House for debate.

There is a lot of hope surrounding this bill not only because smokable flower is what patients want but also because it is a bipartisan issue with bipartisan support! Both sides of the aisle, including the Governor, seem to agree that smokable flower could be the way to go but we still have to see what the House decides.

Marijuana in its raw form is currently illegal in Louisiana. Medical marijuana patients can only get their medication in liquid form, topicals, inhalers and edible gummies. While this program does offer a variety of products, they are at a much higher price point because they are more processed. Adding raw smokable flower to Louisiana’s program would offer patients a less expensive alternative for their treatment.

This past Wednesday, another bill Rep. Tanner Magee proposed passed in the House with a 71-24 vote. HB514 would apply a 4.45% sales tax on smokable medical marijuana in Louisiana. This tax would only be on raw flower, not on any of the liquid products that are already offered currently.

It is estimated that $12 million dollars a year would be collected from this tax and would be used for transportation projects. We will keep an eye on this bill as it heads to the Senate for debate!


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