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  • Olivia Castro

Possibility of Smokable Flower and Sales Tax Ahead for Louisiana

smokable flower & taxes in Louisiana

There has been some exciting news that may allow some expansion to the Louisiana medical marijuana program! As your favorite medical marijuana card provider, you can always count on us to give you up to date medical marijuana news in the state of Louisiana and share with you how to qualify for medical marijuana. Stay connected with us by reading our blog and following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

A House Republican made a bid to expand that program and also allow smokable flower which is starting to gain some traction since lawmakers are advancing a bill that would tax the new products.

Right now in Louisiana, only oils are permitted such as topicals, tinctures and inhalers. There is no flower or bud form of marijuana allowed legally in the state so this would be a huge win for the program! This would allow for the authorization of raw, smokable marijuana for medical patients which would have state sale taxes applied.

The issue with this bill is not actually with marijuana itself, it is the fact that in Louisiana there is no sales tax on medication. The sale tax for marijuana products would be at 4.45% and the funds would be generated for transportation projects. If this bill passes, then medical marijuana would be the first medicine in the state to be taxed. For some, that feels a bit yucky. Patients are already dealing with enough battling their medical condition, adding a tax to medication only increases the burden on these patients.

But on the other hand, the funds that the state would receive would do so much great work for Louisiana which is one of the poorest states in the union. A nonpartisan financial analysis of the bill showed that Louisiana could potentially receive up to $12 million a year from the sales taxes. This number could also increase with the passage of smokable flower which will only bring about more funds for the state.


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