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Find Your Nearest Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Louisiana!


Shop at Louisiana Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Near You!

Before you can purchase medical marijuana at a Louisiana dispensary, you'll need a medical marijuana recommendation from a certified doctor. Qualifying for a medical marijuana recommendation in Louisiana is a simple process, and we are here to help!

Louisiana Dispensaries - What Is the Closest Marijuana Dispensary to Me?​

See our list of medical dispensaries to find your closest licensed cannabis dispensary. Keep in mind that even though there are only 9 dispensaries in the state, some dispensaries offer medical marijuana home delivery. Natural relief may be closer than you think!

What Can You Get at Louisiana Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Louisiana medical marijuana dispensaries (also called medical marijuana pharmacies) offer a wide variety of cannabis products. When you have your Louisiana marijuana card, you can shop at licensed dispensaries for legal medical cannabis products to fit any lifestyle, treat any qualifying symptom, and satisfy every preference.

Medical Marijuana Flower Now Available at Louisiana Dispensaries!

Great news for Louisiana patients! Smokable medical marijuana flower is now available at a dispensary near you! Once you have registered with your local medical marijuana pharmacy, you can log in to your patient account to see the available strains, marijuana product prices and more, on an online Louisiana dispensary menu.

Medical Marijuana RSO Distillate Syringe

Medical marijuana distillate syringes have a high concentration of THC, for patients with more difficult-to-treat symptoms like severe chronic pain or nausea. You can add RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) distillate to your favorite food and beverages, or you can take it sublingually.

Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)

If you prefer the fast-acting relief of inhaled marijuana products without having to vape or smoke, a metered dose inhaler might be the product for you. Metered Dose Inhalers work just like a regular inhaler, and they contain cannabinoids and terpenes formulated to treat specific symptoms.


Out of all the products available at Louisiana dispensaries, medical marijuana tinctures are a favorite among patients. Tinctures come in a variety of formulas, some with a very high THC concentration, others with a higher CBD concentration, and still others that have a great balance of both of these beneficial cannabinoids.

Medical Marijuana Edibles

You can get medical marijuana edibles at Louisiana dispensaries in the form of gelatin-based chewables, or gummies. Many chews contain as much as 10mg of THC each, which can be a bit overwhelming for newer patients. We advise that you talk to your medical marijuana doctor, or to the pharmacist or budtender at your local dispensary, to make a plan for your first dose of edibles.


Medical marijuana topicals are an excellent treatment option for patients managing chronic pain throughout the day. Topicals provide relief in the form of creams, salves and patches, without strong intoxicating effects.


Louisiana physicians can now recommend cannabis for any condition they believe will improve with medical marijuana. When you get your recommendation from a certified Louisiana doctor at Louisiana Marijuana Card, we'll walk you through the process from start to finish! 

Give our patient support team a call today at (833) 253-2943 to get your questions answered, or schedule an online appointment with a Louisiana medical marijuana doctor now!

Get a Louisiana Marijuana Card

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