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  • Olivia Castro

New Bill Introduced to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in Louisiana

This week Louisiana’s Republican Representative Richard Nelson introduced House Bill 524. This bill needs to be approved by the House, the Senate and voters of Louisiana to legalize recreational marijuana throughout the state!

We know Louisiana has been making big strides to support the medical marijuana patients in the state but this bill takes it a step further as it could potentially make Louisiana the second state in the south to legalize a recreational marijuana program. For this bill to pass, it needs two-thirds approval in the House, majority vote in the Senate and then will be voted on by the voters of Louisiana on November 8, 2022.

This last vote will give power to the individual parishes to vote on whether or not they want to legalize a recreational program and also if they want to permit the sale of marijuana within the parish. Nelson claims that this was inspired by “dry counties.” If a county doesn’t agree with the sale of alcohol, they simply don’t permit the sale of it within the county. The same theory would apply to recreational marijuana.

Some of you reading this may be surprised that a Republican representative is the one to introduce a recreational marijuana bill but Nelson shares that it actually falls in line with the conservative beliefs. Conservatives generally believe in the free market, limited government and personal liberties which the prohibition of marijuana directly goes against.

Nelson also claims that the passing of this bill can be a great move for both sides of the aisle. A recent poll was just released that showed two-thirds of Louisiana residents believe marijuana should be legalized and there was a balance of support between Democrats and Republicans. Louisiana residents have been very clear that they want marijuana relief and regulation throughout the state!

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