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  • Olivia Castro

Recreational Marijuana Bill Advances in Louisiana!

You know Louisiana Marijuana Card is your go-to place for medical marijuana news in Louisiana and information on how you can get your medical marijuana card today. We have some good news today to share with you!

Louisiana’s House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee passed HB524 with a 7-5 vote! This bill would legalize recreational marijuana use in Louisiana!

The bill will now head to the House for debate but there is heavy speculation on whether it will pass as the House is Republican controlled. If it is approved by the House, it would have to be approved by the Senate and then potentially Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Gov. Edwards has a history of supporting medical marijuana in the state of Louisiana but has been open about opposing recreational marijuana for the state. He does, however, state that he will be open and is excited to see if HB524 makes it to his desk!

This bill originally was structured in a way that would allow the voters of Louisiana to decide on legalization but Rep. Richard Nelson later shifted the structure. The bill has now given the power of legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana to the lawmakers but would also allow for individual parishes to choose whether or not to permit sales locally.

Yesterday, the Criminal Justice Committee also passed marijuana decriminalization legislation with a 6-5 vote which would only take effect if HB524 is passed.

We know that a majority of Louisiana residents support the legalization of marijuana so we are heading in the right direction!


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