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Louisiana to Hold Its First Black CannaConference and Expo in November 2021!

first black cannabis conference coming to Louisiana

Black CannaBusiness Magazine has announced the second annual Black CannaConference & Expo ("Black Cannacon"), a conference designed for black professionals in cannabis.

This weekend-long event will be held on November 18th – 20th of this year at the Ernest M. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Patients who have been approved for a medical marijuana card in Louisiana are encouraged to attend, as well as current business professionals and upcoming Black entrepreneurs in the area!

With workshops coupled with networking opportunities, this is a conference you don’t want to miss out on!

Second Annual Black CannaConference & Expo

The first-of-its kind conference, Black CannaCon is all about community and fostering business education in the cannabis industry.

"Less than 4% of all cannabis businesses are Black-owned and the only way to address this staggering racial disparity is by educating and connecting not only the Black cannabis community but also our industry allies,"

"We founded Black CannaCon with the mission to create a space that empowers cannabis professionals to build a more representative and equitable cannabis industry. Following last year's virtual event, we look forward to bringing our community together in-person during this crucial stage of growth in the industry. The statistics speak for themselves - Black CannaCon is needed now more than ever."

- Kristi Price, Founder and CEO of KRMA Media, Inc, the parent company of Black CannaBusiness Magazine (prnewswire)

Attendees can expect to learn more about the emerging cannabis industry and build their professional networks while learning how they fit into the greater scope of the industry with keynotes from experts in various fields like education and career advancement opportunities.

You can purchase your tickets online, and proceeds from each ticket will go to the Cannabis Impact Fund.

Creating a More Inclusive Cannabis Industry

Black owned Cannabis businesses are rare, but emerging business titans like Kristi Price are trying to change that.

“As of today, the percentage of people of color actually owning a cannabis business or even working as a professional in the industry is [around] four percent,” Price says. With that in mind, Black CannaConference will showcase the advocates beating the drum. “If the industry is serious about creating a more inclusive industry, events like the Black CannaConference and Expo are imperative.”

- Kristi Price, Founder and CEO of KRMA Media, Inc, (forbes)

Without more social equity in the cannabis industry, it’s likely to suffer the same exclusionary practices that are commonly seen in venture capital funding, where Black entrepreneurs reportedly receive less than 1% of total venture capital invested in the country.

And for Black tech entrepreneurs, the space isn’t exactly wide open either, with less than 5% of Silicon Valley’s technology workforce being Black.

Conferences like Black CannaCon aim to change those numbers, introducing new and pioneering entrepreneurs to a market that desperately needs minority business owners and innovators.

Without minority owned businesses, the cannabis industry will undergo a total lack of diversity and inclusion, and with arrests for simple marijuana possession nearly 4 times more likely for Black people in America, cannabis could suffer heavy losses for carrying that disparity into the business world.

The aim of conferences and expos like Black CannaCon is not only to spread awareness, but to create new networking opportunities for minority owned businesses that might not exist anywhere else.

Breaking into the cannabis industry is a tough cookie to crack, and when less than 4% of cannabis companies are Black owned, entering the space confidently to scale can be even tougher.

That’s why Black CannaCon has extended its cannabis networking and educational opportunities to people, to help foster the next generation of cannabis entrepreneurs and bring a more equitable platform to the cannabis industry.

Getting Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

Louisiana hosting the second annual Black CannaCon is a step towards a better future for the cannabis industry in the South, and with proceeds going to the Cannabis Impact Fund, it will certainly be an event you don’t want to miss.

Medical marijuana patients and entrepreneurs are both encouraged to attend; and to find out more, check out the Black CannaConference website.

Getting access to medical marijuana in Louisiana is a relatively simple process and you can even apply for a medical marijuana card through telemedicine in Louisiana!

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Get Your Louisiana Marijuana Card

Getting medical marijuana in Louisiana is now simpler and easier than ever!

Patients can apply today to become a Louisiana medical marijuana patient and start receiving the compassionate care that cannabis can provide.

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