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  • Olivia Castro

Louisiana House Rejects Taxing Recreational Marijuana

This past Tuesday, the Louisiana House of Representatives rejected a bill that would tax recreational marijuana in the state if and when it would be legalized. The defeat of this bill will likely prevent recreational marijuana legalization this year or next. This bill needed a two-thirds vote in the House in order to be approved and it was voted down by a tight 47-48 split.

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The recreational marijuana tax bill in Louisiana would have set marijuana taxes at 50% which would be split between the state’s general fund, local government and law enforcement.

The sponsor of the tax bill, Rep. Richard Nelson (R), also sponsored a separate bill that would legalize recreational marijuana in the state. Since the tax bill did not pass, Nelson says he won’t be pushing for the recreational bill to pass either. Nelson now sees this money being a loss for Louisiana.

People are going to continue to smoke marijuana recreationally regardless if it is legal or not. It was estimated that legalizing recreational marijuana would have brought in $100 million in annual tax revenue to Louisiana which now will be lost.

Last week, the House passed another measure that decriminalized marijuana throughout the state for small amounts. This bill is on its way to the Senate for approval but will allow for a more cannabis friendly culture in Louisiana in general as well as take away the threat of jail time.

There are a lot of bills going through the legislature now regarding medical and recreational marijuana in the state of Louisiana. You can stay up to date on all the news here!


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