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  • Olivia Castro

House Approves of Medical Marijuana Flower & Advances Recreational Bill

There is a lot going on in Louisiana this week on both the medical and recreational side of marijuana! Here at Louisiana Marijuana Card, we not only give you access to the best medical marijuana care in the state but keep you informed and up to date on marijuana news in Louisiana.

Yesterday, the Louisiana House of Representatives approved a bill that would expand that state’s available marijuana products to include marijuana flower! The medical marijuana program in Louisiana has been progressive but also somewhat limited since you can only legally purchase marijuana oil at dispensaries.

The House also advanced another bill that created licensing fees for a separate bill that would fully legalize recreational marijuana. This could be a good sign for those who are looking for a recreational program to start in Louisiana. A similar process happened with flower. There was a proposal to add flower to the state, taxes on flower were approved and then the House passed it. This could be the path that recreational marijuana is on in Louisiana!

Even though everyone is very excited about flower coming to the Louisiana medical marijuana program, a lot of residents really have eyes for the recreational program. The recreational bill was approved by the Criminal Justice Committee last week and will be going to the floor later this week.

The licensing proposal that goes along with the recreational bill passed the House on Monday without any debate at all! It would create a $2,500 annual fee for marijuana business license and a $100 annual fee for a personal cultivation permit if an individual wants to grow their own marijuana.

Louisiana residents are still very excited about the raw flower coming to dispensaries in the state. This bill in the House was approved with a 73-26 vote! It is now on its way to the Senate.

The flower bill would amend the existing medical marijuana program to allow physicians to recommend raw marijuana flower intended to be inhaled. A person with a medical marijuana card would be able to purchase up to two and a half ounces in a 14-day period.

We will be keeping an eye on these marijuana bills to see the path that they take in Louisiana!


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