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  • Olivia Castro

Louisiana House Passes Marijuana Decriminalization Bill

We have some big news! Yesterday, the Louisiana House voted to decriminalize marijuana possession in a 67-25 vote. The bill now heads to the Senate.

House Bill 652, proposed by Rep. Cedric Glover (D), would make the possession of 14 grams of marijuana or less a misdemeanor for all cases with a fine of $100 and no jail time. Rep. Glover was inspired by his hometown of Shreveport which decriminalized marijuana back in March.

This bill is huge for Louisiana! Without a bill like HB 625, Louisiana residents can become convicted felons simply for carrying small amounts of marijuana.

This bill still does recognize a limit. HB 625 only covers small amounts of marijuana which are intended for personal use. If the amount is bigger than that it could be for the intent to sell which would remain illegal in the state.

A bill like this is largely in Louisiana’s future because it is truly what the people want. A recent poll found that nearly 70% of Louisiana residents support legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. This jumped up 13% from the year before.

Louisiana residents are progressive when it comes to marijuana because it really does work!

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