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How to Use Cannabis Products When You Have a Low Tolerance to THC

With medical marijuana being fairly new in Louisiana, many new and first-time patients will be approaching cannabis with little to no tolerance for THC, which can make cannabis products feel more potent at lower doses.

How you use marijuana as a medicine will likely change over time, and patients will slowly develop a higher tolerance for THC as they consistently use cannabis.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using cannabis with a low tolerance, how to find products that match your tolerance level, and how to increase your tolerance to THC!

Using Cannabis When You Have a Low Tolerance to THC

Approaching Cannabis With a Low Tolerance to THC

Cannabis products range in potency, product type, and dosage amounts.

Some products will have higher THC content and produce more potent effects, while other products will have lower amounts of THC and produce less intense effects.

As you use different cannabis products your body will increase its tolerance to THC, diminishing the effects that you perceive over time.

The more cannabis you use, the higher your tolerance will be.

For patients who haven’t used cannabis on a consistent basis, patients who have never used cannabis before, or patients who haven’t hit their threshold with cannabis will all typically have very low tolerances to cannabis, though biology plays a big role in your tolerance too.

Some people naturally have a higher tolerance to THC, while others will start from ground 0 with a high sensitivity to THC.

How to Match Cannabis Products to Your Tolerance Level

You’ll want to match the cannabis products you buy to your tolerance because products that are too potent will be difficult to handle, and products that don’t produce enough effects will be ineffective.

If you’re a new patient approaching cannabis for the first time or a beginner patient who hasn’t been using cannabis on a regulated schedule yet, look for products with lower THC contents with the goal to find your minimum effective dosage limit.

Products like low-THC tinctures and cannabis flower with less than 18% THC will work best for patients with a low tolerance to THC, and if you find that these products don’t work as well, look to upgrade the THC percentage until you find a comfortable level.

Products like concentrates, distillate, and high-THC vape cartridges should be avoided until you’ve built a strong enough tolerance to accommodate a higher amount of THC.

Managing Your Tolerance to THC for the Best Results

Keep Your Tolerance Low for More Potent Effects

There’s a balance with using cannabis and keeping your tolerance to THC in check, and how you manage your tolerance will be highly individualized based on your biology, preferences, and experiences with cannabis as a medicine.

Keeping your tolerance lower is beneficial for a lot of reasons, you’ll save money by using less cannabis, you still have plenty of range if you want to increase your dosage size, and you’ll usually have a more intense experience each time you use cannabis.

Your tolerance will naturally increase the more you use cannabis, so it’s somewhat out of your control, however, there are some steps you can take to keep your tolerance lower.

Avoid using high THC products, use cannabis infrequently, exercise, and good hydration may all potentially keep your tolerance at bay, though results will be dependent on individual factors.

There’s nothing wrong with having a high tolerance, too, and there’s no level you can reach where cannabis stops working entirely, the effects will just be less pronounced without increasing the amount of THC.

Why Some Patients Choose to Increase Their Tolerance to THC

There are some downsides to having a low tolerance to THC, though, and some patients may look to increase their tolerance to THC as quickly as possible.

Having a higher tolerance to THC does require using larger doses and may include increasing the dosage frequency, but the benefits can outweigh the costs in some cases.

A higher tolerance to THC will make the effects of cannabis somewhat diminished, which can be a positive thing for patients who don’t want to constantly be too high but also need to fit in a high-frequency dosage rate.

A high tolerance to THC also broadens the range of products that a patient can comfortably use, which may provide a more effective dosage depending on the patient’s symptoms and needs.

Finding the right balance for your biology, preferences, and tolerance can help make your experience with cannabis more enjoyable and potentially more effective. Patients in Louisiana have complete freedom in regulating their cannabis use, and you have total control over how much cannabis you use and when!

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