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How to Create and Manage a Medical Marijuana Treatment Plan

Patients diagnosed with one of the qualifying condition for medical cannabis in Louisiana can receive their certification and use medical marijuana to treat their conditions and symptoms.

While getting access to medical marijuana is the first step towards relief with cannabis, often patients find themselves wondering “what’s next?” after receiving their medical cannabis certification.

Creating a medical marijuana treatment plan can help you manage your goals, symptoms, expectations, and results while using cannabis as a medicine and can help you navigate the medical marijuana space as a patient.

An effective medical marijuana treatment plan will have a big impact on how patients use cannabis as a medicine. In this article, we’ll cover what a treatment plan is, how to make a cannabis treatment plan, and how to use a treatment plan to get the most out of your medicine.

What Is a Medical Marijuana Treatment Plan?

A Medical Cannabis Certification Is the First Step to Relief with Cannabis

A medical marijuana treatment plan offers a trackable way to see how cannabis is working for you, and it’s one of the best tools for finding the right cannabis products long-term.

To create a medical marijuana treatment plan, all you need is to hold a current Louisiana medical marijuana certification, have access to a Louisiana cannabis pharmacy, and be ready to plan out your future with cannabis.

Once you’re committed to using cannabis as an alternative treatment option, you’ll be able to see how your medicine works over time and determine which products work the best for your specific condition or symptoms.

Your Medical Marijuana Treatment Plan Will Be Unique to You

Cannabis as medicine works uniquely for different people,as every person experiences something slightly different when using cannabis.

There is far too much biological variation between people for cannabis to work identically for everyone in every case, but there are averages that describe how certain cannabis strains or products typically work for most people.

By having a more open approach to cannabis, patients can choose how they use their medicine, how much medicine they use, and which products they use, making the right choices relative to their condition. Frequently, there isn’t enough valuable information on how to specifically utilize cannabis for your symptoms because there are so many symptoms that cannabis can help.

That’s why creating a medical marijuana treatment plan can be one of the best ways for you to achieve the most effective results for your symptoms.

Create a Medical Marijuana Treatment Plan That Works for You

Understanding Your Symptoms & How Cannabis Can Help With Them

Medical marijuana can address many different conditions and illnesses, offering both medicinal and therapeutic benefits across many categories of symptoms.

Keeping track of how your symptoms are affected is one of the most critical parts of having a medical marijuana treatment plan. As opposed to tracking your overall condition, you can easily keep tabs on your symptoms and how they’re doing alongside your cannabis use.

Your symptoms are one of the best ways to identify which cannabis products to use, because the symptoms you’re having and where you’re having them can help direct you to the right medical marijuana products to use.

For example, if you are experiencing localized chronic pain, such as inflammation from arthritis, you will find many topicals specifically designed to treat localized pain and inflammation, and often they’re at a better price point than cannabis flower.

Setting Milestones & Expectations With Medical Cannabis

Knowing which symptoms you’re having on a regular basis is a step in the right direction, but understanding which medical marijuana products work best for different symptoms will really gain you the extra mile.

Cannabis can provide incredible relief for many different conditions and symptoms, but it has its limitations.

You’ll want to do a little extra research to get familiar with your specific condition and symptoms to have a thorough understanding of what cannabis can and cannot do for you.

You’ll find that there are certain cannabis products used more often for your condition, or perhaps there are different strains offering unique benefits and you’ll find many success stories along the way.

Setting your goals with cannabis early on in your journey can make a big difference in how effective your treatment plan is overall.

How to Make a Medical Marijuana Treatment Plan the Right Way

Know Your Symptoms, Set Your Goals, & Get Your Timing Right

With a good handle on your symptoms and how cannabis may work for them, the next part in establishing a medical marijuana treatment plan is to get your timing right.

Timing is everything with cannabis, not just for when you should take a dose but how much of a dose you take, how frequently you take it, and how long each dosage lasts.

Everyone’s biology is different and cannabis can cause different experiences among people individually. You’ll want to work out the right doses and timing by starting at the bottom and moving up.

If you’re brand new to cannabis altogether, you should likely take the lowest dose possible and wait the longest amount of time before considering another dosage.

In many cases cannabis products can have delayed effects that can become significantly more potent when taking multiple doses, so be sure to start small and wait for a long period of time.

You may find that it takes some experimenting to figure out exactly which products work the best for you, and it can take some figuring out to get the timing down. Once you have a solid grasp on how cannabis affects you, you can start tracking how it helps you.

Setting Up Your Medical Marijuana Treatment Plan For Success

You should be able to ook back on your medical marijuana treatment plan for detailed information on how your journey with cannabis progresses and how your symptoms are managed along the way.

Similar to a journal, if you keep track of your symptoms, cannabis use, timing, dosage, and products, you’ll be able to look back after a few weeks or months to see how cannabis products have worked for you.

You can track this information with pen and paper, an excel sheet, or using available cannabis journals you can buy to help you manage your cannabis treatment plan.

There are even free apps, like Releaf, that can help you keep track of your medical marijuana use digitally, if you prefer to use your phone.

As a Louisiana medical marijuana patient, you have the freedom to use your medication in a way that makes sense for you and your symptoms. Keeping track of your medical marijuana progress doesn’t have to be difficult.

Having a good medical marijuana treatment plan will offer you valuable information about how cannabis is working for you over time can help you find the best cannabis products for relief from your symptoms.

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

Louisiana has a comprehensive medical marijuana program that offers cannabis as a medicine to patients with qualifying conditions. Patients with a qualifying condition can apply for a medical marijuana certification, so beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today. You can get your medical marijuana certification online from the comfort of your own home!

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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