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Viral Political Ad of Louisiana Senate Candidate Gary Chambers Smoking Marijuana

Louisiana has received a fair share of controversy with cannabis, from heavy penalization for cannabis possession to concerningly high prices for patients who are registered for a medical marijuana certification.

A senate candidate for Louisiana named Gary Chambers recently sparked more controversy by openly using cannabis in a political ad titled “37 Seconds”.

In the video, now turned viral, senate candidate Chambers discusses Louisiana’s position in national crime statistics, covering the inequality between white and black Americans with cannabis criminalization and wraps up his position on Louisiana cannabis by smoking a blunt.

What’s the Message Behind Senate Candidate Gary Chambers’ Viral Political Ad?

Putting Power Back Into the Hands of Citizens

The video, with nearly 300,000 views on YouTube and millions of likes across TikTok, features Chambers sitting in an open field dressed in a formal blue suit, discussing the State of Louisiana and cannabis criminalization.

The opening statement “Every 37 seconds someone is arrested for possession of marijuana…” is criminal enough, but Chambers continues.

“…Most of the people police are arresting aren’t dealers, but rather people with small amounts of pot, just like me.”

The video, which is 37 seconds long, paints a clear picture of Chambers’ view of cannabis criminalization in Louisiana - It should come to an end.

Chambers Addresses Inequality With Cannabis Criminalization

Chambers mentions in the video that Black people are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana law violations than white people, and multiple sources confirm that Black people are at a higher risk of arrest for marijuana violations despite similar usage rates among white peers..

In an interview with “The Damage Report”, Chambers discusses injustice and inequality with cannabis criminalization and how Louisiana ranks in nearly the bottom of the Nation’s crime stats, yet the state continues to jail people for cannabis use.

Often, cannabis is categorized as “not a priority” among political figures, and although there may be many pressing issues in our country, people are still imprisoned for cannabis use when much of the country permits it medically (including Louisiana). There are 18 states where recreational cannabis use is permitted.

Why Louisiana Needs More Cannabis Activists

Louisiana Is at the Peak of Change With Cannabis

Louisiana has made progress with cannabis over the last few years.

Although you can still be jailed in parts of the state, several parishes and districts in Louisiana have decriminalized cannabis to some degree. The medical marijuana program has certainly incentivized a more compassionate approach with cannabis altogether.

Louisiana even made the push to add smokable cannabis flower to the menu for 2022, and the state education system is in control of medical marijuana cultivation entirely.

There’s room to grow for Louisiana cannabis, and with cannabis activists representing the fight against inequality, the Louisiana judicial structure could benefit greatly.

Although it’s difficult to say whether or not Louisiana will lean into cannabis or pursue a more aggressive stance away from marijuana, we know it’s time for more support and less vilification.

With runners like Gary Chambers, who puts special attention towards the needs of many Louisiana residents, the state cannabis program can flourish and become a broader example of how the whole country could reconsider cannabis.

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

It remains illegal to possess cannabis without a medical marijuana certification in Louisiana. Patients with a qualifying condition can consult with one of our physicians to receive a cannabis certification from the safety of their own home.

Being a medical marijuana patient offers you legal protections to possess medical cannabis and having a cannabis certification is the only way to ensure you are following the law in Louisiana.

Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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