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How to Find a Career in Louisiana’s Budding Cannabis Market

Looking for a Career in Cannabis? Check out These Job Platforms

The medical marijuana program in Louisiana is expected to reach $30 million in 2021, and the market is projected to expand even further over the next few years.

While Louisiana has paved the way for a comprehensive medical marijuana program, offering medical marijuana cards for Louisiana patients with qualifying conditions, the program is slated to bring in more local jobs as well.

And although Louisiana’s medical marijuana program is fairly new, the cannabis industry is not, housing an estimated 320,000 jobs in America, the industry is booming.

In this article, we’ll cover the best marijuana job platforms to find a job in cannabis and give you some real-world tips on how to find a job in the cannabis industry!

How to Find a Job in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is a vast and thriving one, with many needed positions for those looking to get into it.

Louisiana is already expanding its cannabis industry, and local jobs are becoming available as more facilities come online.

In fact, it’s expected that the cannabis industry will reach $100 million by 2026, and there’s already a growing need for positions in the marijuana business.

And with many positions you don’t need special licensing and often there are many remote positions available!

There's everything from jobs in tech developing apps or websites, marketing campaigns where designing advertisements and marketing gets done, data entry such as logging patient records in online databases (so fun), salespeople who help customers find what they need, and even the coveted unicorn position: “product reviewer”.

Whether you’re a coder, a copywriter, a medical professional, a sales associate, or an entrepreneur, you’ll likely find the right opportunity one one of these marijuana job platforms!

Marijuana Job Platforms to Help You Find Your Job in Cannabis in Louisiana

A few years ago, it was pretty difficult to find a job in the cannabis industry. But now with 420 Careers, you can post your resume and search for openings across the US! The site is easy to navigate, which makes finding the right position for your skillset as simple as can be, and there are plenty of detailed descriptions on each page so even those who haven't interviewed before know exactly where they stand when applying.

My biggest tip? Don’t forget about social media – especially LinkedIn because the field has changed drastically since the marijuana industry has started to change pace in the US, though be careful what to post as some social media platforms are still less favorable to the industry.

HempStaff is one of the few places where you can find marijuana jobs, dispensary training and cultivation courses all in one. Plus, they have state specific resources for those living in areas with state-specific cannabis laws. If you're looking to brushing up on your education or add certificates for your resume, Hempstaff is a great place to look, and they have job postings as well!

Tip: Working in cannabis can be a fulfilling career, but sometimes extra skillsets are required to break into the industry. Adding certificates to your resume is a great way to attract employer attention, and continuing education is a valuable resource that can pay off long term.

This cannabis-friendly job platform is not just limited to Philadelphia, as positions can be found across the United States - but the only jobs you’ll find on this site are from employers who don’t drug test for marijuana. Phynally is a site that matches job seekers who use cannabis with employers in different industries that don’t drug test for marijuana, including but not limited to the cannabis industry. All positions are weed-friendly and do not require drug testing for marijuana--though you may find some jobs on this platform outside of your everyday scope!

Tip: Try to think outside the box in the cannabis industry. Not every job will have you trimming buds or planting seeds, there’s a huge need for tech, sales, and just about every ancillary position in the industry!

The marijuana industry has a rich and diverse range of career options for professionals, and the West Coast is the hub. Vangst is a comprehensive platform that allows users to browse through jobs in the West Coast at their convenience, from sales associates all the way up to top management and executive positions. If you’re looking to level up your career with a move to a higher up position, you’ll likely find it on Vangst.

Tip: Consider many positions in the West Coast that are hiring remotely, in 2021 there are a ton of remote positions available in the cannabis industry, and just because a company is located somewhere else doesn’t mean that your qualifications are exactly what they’re looking for!

Job searching can be tough, but it doesn't have to be. Viridian Staffing has been helping people find jobs in the cannabis industry for a long time and they've got the experience needed for anyone who's looking in this field! Not only do they host a variety of different positions that range from entry-level to management level and higher; their services include recruiting, workforce planning, temp staffing, HR consulting, and background checks as well.

Tip: While not every position will be safety sensitive, many states require certification to work physically with marijuana plants or products, if you’re looking to break into the industry for the first time consider getting certifications or finding a position that meets your skillset without requiring any extra security protocols.

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