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  • Olivia Castro

Does Cannabis and the COVID-19 Shot Interact?

The last year and a half has been a hard one. The COVID-19 pandemic has been trying for us all. After months of quarantine and social distancing, the COVID-19 shot has given us a silver lining!

With mask mandates being lifted and restaurants back to full capacity, many of us are celebrating with a drink. Cheers-ing to a new day with a pandemic, hopefully, behind us.

But some of us prefer to celebrate with cannabis instead. This has many of us wondering, does marijuana interact with the COVID-19 shot?

At Louisiana Marijuana Card, we want to be your to-go medical marijuana card provider and also your number one source of marijuana information! So in today’s blog we will be discussing if and how marijuana impacts the COVID-19 shot.

Does Marijuana Impact the COVID-19 Shot?

Many people are wondering how marijuana interacts with the COVID-19 shot. We are in an unprecedented time. We’ve never had a vaccine come out so quickly and many have been wary of taking it. Those that have are still concerned about how the shot could affect them in the future.

The trials for the vaccines did not track cannabis use at all in their research, so many people have been concerned if there would be a potential issue. Multiple experts have revealed that there is no evidence that the shot interacts poorly with marijuana.

There has also been an abundance of anecdotal evidence that also points towards cannabis use before or after the shot being okay. Over 334 million doses of the vaccine have been given in the U.S. and the shot has been linked to the decline in the number of cases. There are millions of marijuana users who have received their shot and have experienced no severe interactions due to marijuana use.

Dr. Frank Lucido is a medical marijuana specialist based in California who shares that he is more concerned about lung illness from COVID-19 than the possible interaction between marijuana and the vaccine. He believes that if patients stick to their typical marijuana habits, they shouldn’t be overly concerned with possible interactions as the body is creating new antibodies to protect against COVID-19.


While medical experts believe there is no reason to be overly worried about the vaccine’s interaction with cannabis, the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. Just have an open and honest conversation with your doctor and they will be able to help you!


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