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Why Dabs at Louisiana Dispensaries Are Safe and Effective for Symptom Management

The world of medical marijuana gets its fair share of bad publicity, and the topic of dabs, or “dabbing” has raised some controversy in the past.

Thankfully, the industry has moved on from most of the stigmas around dabbing, but patients who have met the qualifications for a medical marijuana certification in Louisiana may be coming into the industry with outdated headlines or information.

Dabs are one of the niches of cannabis that offer important benefits for certain types of patients, and they aren’t designed for everyone.

There are important things to take into consideration with dabbing, and in this article we’ll cover dabbing safety, who dabs are designed for, and why beginner patients might want to avoid them.

Why “Dabbing” in Cannabis Once Got a Bad Rep

Making Concentrates is Dangerous!

The large majority of articles that used to circulate about the “dangers of dabbing” revolved around home-based concentrate manufacturing.

Manufacturing cannabis concentrates should only be done by qualified and highly experienced industry professionals and attempting to manufacture your own concentrates can be dangerous and deadly.

Manufacturing cannabis concentrates requires extremely technical skills and thorough education in safety, compliance, and chemistry. It isn’t something that an average person could just begin doing without significant risk to health and safety.

Part-time chemists and cannabis enthusiasts who looked to bake up a batch of their own concentrates at home caused an influx of headlines warning about the dangers of dabbing, though in reality it was mostly in the manufacturing of concentrates that was particularly dangerous.

The Original Tools Required for Taking a Dab Looked Scary

Another thing that has put off many people from dabbing (understandably!) were the tools needed to take a dab.

This might include using a butane torch to heat a small glass bucket to extremely hot temperatures, in order to carefully drop a small amount of hash into that tiny glass bucket and inhale the vapor it produces.

This, to be fair, is a terribly intimidating process for someone who isn’t engrained in cannabis culture or has never used vaporization before.

Open flames, extremely high temperatures, and small surface materials don’t exactly make for the safest looking procedure.

Thankfully, though many cannabis enthusiasts prefer this old-school method, there are much more efficient and safer ways to take a dab such as e-rigs, which don’t require using a torch or any flame at all for that matter.

Are Dabs Safe to Inhale?

Vaporizing is One of the Healthier Consumption Methods

Many people prefer to take their dabs very hot, to produce the most amount of smoke.

In truth, this is not the way to properly vaporize your hash at the most effective level and creates similar toxic carbons such as when you are smoking a joint or using a dry pipe for cannabis flower.

Alternatively, vaporizing your hash at the right temperature can lift only the THC and terpenes from the hash for you to inhale, producing exceptional smokeless vapor that doesn’t create those toxins.

Patients use vaporization in a variety of ways, such as dry-herb vaporizing, vape cartridges, and dabbing, and dry-herb vaporization is one of the most popular options for patients suffering from severe conditions like HIV/AIDS and cancer.

The Right Temperatures Make a Difference

How safe your dab is will depend on the temperature and condition in which you’re vaporizing it.

If you’re using an e-rig, you can usually change the temperature to the appropriate number for your concentrate on the device itself.

The right dabbing temperature will depend on your device, the hash, and its terpene profile, but the average safe range is usually between 315° F – 550° F.

Getting a good, low-temp dab that lifts the THC & terpenes off the hash is quite a pleasant experience and offers a unique experience in both flavor and potency.

Keeping your dabs at a low temperature will keep you away from inhaling toxic compounds, and a safe dabbing temperature is critical for inhaling a healthier alternative to smoking.

Why Dabs Work Best

Dabs Deliver Potency Immediately

One of the advantages of dabs or hash is that they are extremely potent. For patients with severe symptoms, such as intense chronic pain, PTSD, or muscle stiffness, extraordinary relief may be needed quickly to treat the symptoms.

Dabs offer a convenient and cost-effective way to intake a potent dosage of cannabis quickly.

While patients with a lower tolerance may want to avoid dabs for a while, patients who have been using medical cannabis for some time may find that dabs are a more effective way to manage their higher tolerance.

As opposed to edibles, which can vary in terms of potency and effects, dabs offer an alternative way to introduce a higher level of THC to your system that traditional products like cannabis flower can’t offer.

For patients with severe chronic conditions, dabs are one of the most sought-after ways to consume cannabis because of their efficiency, safety, and effectiveness when done correctly.

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

Louisiana is offering a wide range of medical marijuana products for patients with a medical marijuana certification. Concentrates and cannabis flower are available in 2022 for qualified medical marijuana patients, and you can get your certification online today!

Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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