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Distillates Vs. Dabs: Which Should You Use for Your Symptoms

The medical marijuana industry is full of different products, and there are more ways than ever to consume cannabis in 2022.

With Louisiana bringing a stronger medical marijuana program in 2022, patients diagnosed with one of the approved conditions for medical marijuana in Louisiana can shop for many different types of cannabis products at licensed dispensaries (or pharmacies) in the state.

Among the cannabis products patients can choose from, distillates and dabs are some of the most popular, and offer unique benefits for certain types of patients.

It can sometimes be a challenge to know what you’re getting when you shop at Louisiana dispensaries, though, because product terms can vary, and the majority of patients are most familiar with slang terms for the marijuana forms available in the state.

With the popularity behind dabbing and concentrates, understanding the difference between concentrate products will be important when choosing what types of cannabis you want to purchase.

In this article, we’ll cover the difference between distillate and dabs, how they’re different, and what the benefits of distillate and dabs are!

Cannabis Concentrates: Distillate

Distillate is Versatile and Convenient

Cannabis distillate is a type of concentrate product, which are compounds that have been distilled from the cannabis plant and reduced to only their medicinal parts, like THC and CBD, for example.

Distillate is one of the most versatile products, because it has a ton of use-cases and is very easy for cultivators to manufacture.

Distillate oil can be vaporized (dabbed) or used in vape cartridges, and it can be used as a cooking ingredient or even be taken orally (though, not recommended).

Distillate Has Limitations

Although cannabis distillate is very versatile in how it can be used, it does have some drawbacks compared to other concentrates like dabs.

For starters, distillate is often only sold in .5g – 1g amounts, and it’s one of the more expensive cannabis products. Often, vape cartridges made with distillate are sold at a premium price, making distillate difficult to afford for some patients.

Distillate is also universally known as having a less appealing taste, and it provides a less potent high than dabbing for the money. Distillate is perfect for patients looking to try concentrates for the first time, need to vape on-the-go, or want a product more potent than flower but less potent than dabbing.

Cannabis Concentrates: Dabs

Dabs are Meant for Dabbing!

Dabs are part of a group of cannabis concentrate products that are used in dabbing, and these concentrates are produced differently than distillation. These are parts of the cannabis plant that have been extracted for consumption and yield the most potent and effective results.

Dabbing is the process of vaporizing a concentrate product, typically with a dab rig or e-rig, and differs from using a vape cartridge because of the amount that is used and the way it is manufactured.

Dabs can range from all kinds of product types, including budders, sauce, diamonds, rosin, hash rosin, live resin, and many more, but they’re all known as dabs because they are meant to be dabbed.

Dabs are the Most Potent Way to Consume Cannabis

The advantages of dabs are nearly exclusively aimed at patients who have built a very high tolerance to THC.

Hash (concentrates) can range from 60% - 90% THC, which is enormously higher than cannabis flower, offering extraordinary relief for patients with intense symptoms or very high tolerances.

Dabs offer extremely powerful relief for chronic conditions, and can be one of the most effective ways for patients who consume a lot of cannabis to do so efficiently, and affordably.

The word “Hash” is often interchangeable with the term “dabs” because hash is a cannabis concentrate.

Hash is the king of the crop when it comes to concentrates and offers the best flavor, most potency, and most cost-effective dollar-per-dose.

Distillate vs Dabbing

The Difference between a Dab and a Vape Pen

The difference between dabbing and taking a hit of a vape pen is enormous. A vape cartridge will be supplying a much lower dose of concentrate (think pipe vs. bong). You’re taking a small hit of the vapor, which will be high in THC content, but a smaller hit.

A dab typically involves a much larger amount of concentrate, as opposed to a small dose in one hit, you may be vaporizing .2g – 1g in a single dab, and that is overwhelmingly more than from a vape cartridge.

You could dab cannabis distillate, but when compared to the price, flavor, and effectiveness of other types of hash or dabs, there’s not much incentive.

Dabs are particularly effective for patients suffering from severe symptoms that require immediate, heavy dosages.

Distillate or vape pens are better for patients who need a stronger hit than cannabis flower can provide, but don’t want the highest level of potency and sedation. Vape cartridges are also unanimously known as the best portable devices.

Whichever you choose, Louisiana offers a robust cannabis menu that is expanding this year, and qualified patients can legally purchase products from Louisiana pharmacies.


Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

Louisiana’s medical marijuana program is expanding, and patients can now legally purchase cannabis flower from approved dispensaries. Getting a medical marijuana certification in Louisiana is simple and easy, and you can get your certification from the convenience of your own home!

Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.


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