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Ways to Use Medical Marijuana Flower Without Smoking

By adding cannabis flower as an approved product for patients with conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana certification in Louisiana, Louisiana marijuana card holders can now purchase cannabis flower from dispensaries when it’s in stock.

While many patients may be familiar with smoking cannabis flower, there are a lot of different uses for cannabis flower. For patients who can’t smoke, alternative ways to consume cannabis flower may offer a rewarding experience that maximizes the benefits of the terpenes found in flower, without the side effects that come with inhaling marijuana products.

In this article we’ll cover some alternatives to smoking cannabis flower, what kinds of options you’ll have now that cannabis flower is legal in Louisiana, and some ways to use cannabis that might be a little healthier than smoking!

What Can You Do with Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis Flower is Extremely Versatile

Although smoking may be the most popular use for cannabis flower, in truth there are many ways to use it. Cannabis flower offers a lot of versatility because it is in its raw form, ready for you to consume, bake, or shape into whatever usable product you’d like.

Though some methods of turning cannabis flower into different products such as concentrates or isolates might be a little more advanced, you can still find different uses for cannabis flower without expensive technology or complex equipment.

Why Smoking Cannabis Should Be at the Bottom of Your Priorities

Though there’s nothing particularly wrong with smoking cannabis flower, it’s certainly not the only way, or the best way to consume it.

Smoking anything can create toxic compounds that impact health. Even though cannabis is a relatively safe plant, lighting it on fire transforms some of marijuana’s compounds into more harmful carbons. Though these are usually minimal, and certainly not even comparable to something as harmful as cigarette smoking, many patients (especially those with lung issues) prefer not to smoke cannabis.

Ways to Use Medical Marijuana Without Smoking

Edibles are the Most Popular Alternative to Smoking Cannabis

Among the most popular alternatives to smoking cannabis flower are edibles, juices, and oils.

Edibles can be made from cannabis flower or purchased as a product of their own, and edibles can offer some significant benefits over smoking cannabis, and a few cons as well.

Edibles tend to take longer to kick in. Once they do, they’re famously more potent than cannabis flower. Patients that are new to cannabis or have a lower tolerance should start with extremely low dosages when trying edibles for the first several times.

Edibles also offer a lot of variety in flavor, and you can mix and match different strains to create new and exciting dishes or stick to traditional flavors like “Cookies & Cream” to bake cookies!

Oils & Juices

Another popular method for using cannabis is to make or use oils or juices.

Cannabis oils come in many different types, including psychoactive oils like concentrates and isolates, as well as non-psychoactive variants like topicals.

Cannabis is also a plant that is favorable to juicing just like many other fruits and vegetables!

If you’re looking to make some smoothies, cannabis flower can be a fantastic ingredient and offers an extra kick to your meal supplementing.

Best Alternatives to Smoking Cannabis

Metered-Dose Inhalers are the Next Cannabis Wave

Louisiana is ahead of the curve with inhaled cannabis products, offering metered-dose cannabis inhalers that work incredibly well.

A metered-dose cannabis inhaler works the same way as a traditional inhaler that’s used for respiratory problems like asthma. By delivering a short burst of a concentrated cannabis solution directly to the air sacs in the lungs, you can inhale an effective dosage very easily.

Without producing any combustion, smoke, or harmful compounds, metered-dose inhalers are one of the best ways to consume cannabis through inhalation in a healthier way.

Vaporizing is the King of Inhaled Cannabis

By far and beyond the most popular alternative to smoking cannabis flower is vaporizing.

Vaporizing offers all the benefits of traditional inhaled cannabis, while removing the combustion that causes toxic compounds to be created.

When you inhale cannabis vapor, you are taking in only the compounds that are being lifted off the flower, and no other parts. Vaporizing is one of the healthier ways to consume cannabis. It offers a lot of flavor and really makes the most of cannabis flower.

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

With cannabis flower on the menu in 2022, Louisiana patients with a medical marijuana certification will have a lot of variety to choose from in their selection of cannabis products. And while not all consumption methods are created equal, Louisiana patients have the freedom to choose the cannabis products that are right for them.

Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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