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Medical Marijuana Strains to Help You Relax and Manage Stress

Medical marijuana can offer invaluable relief from stress, and patients with conditions that

strains to help with stress in 2022.

There are thousands of different cannabis strains with different properties, and some are

better than others at helping you destress.

In this article we’ll cover the best cannabis strains to help with stress, and what types of strains to look for when trying to reduce stress in your life!

Types of Cannabis Strains that Can Help with Stress

Low THC, High CBD

Although cannabis use in general can help reduce stress, certain types of cannabis products may work better than others.

Especially for patients with a lower tolerance to cannabis, low THC cannabis products offer a lot of relief without the extra anxiety that can comes as a side effect of high THC cannabis products.

To help with combatting stress, you’re looking to maximize the potential of the properties of cannabis in order to help bring you into a calmer, more peaceful state.

Products that are low in CBD and have extremely high THC percentages (over 25%) can often be too edgy, and in some cases may even make you more uncomfortable temporarily, so look for cannabis products with a high CBD count and low THC percentage.

Cannabis Terpenes to Help with Stress

Alongside using cannabis products with higher CBD and lower THC, picking strains with the right terpenes can make a big impact on how effective the product will be for destressing.

Terpenes like linalool and caryophyllene are two compounds that are known to have relaxing, anti-stress properties, while terpenes like pinene can cause slightly higher anxiety in some patients.

Picking the right strains with the right terpenes is essential for maximizing the entourage effect, which will play a significant role in how effective a cannabis strain is for your conditions.

Destressing with Cannabis Products: Relaxing vs Sedating

How Your Cannabis Works, Matters

Ultimately, how you want your medicine to work is an entirely subjective concept, and no single answer will apply to all patients. But choosing between whether you want your cannabis to help relax you or sedate you is a big step in picking a strain that will be most effective for destressing.

The choice between sedation and relaxation is a fairly easy one when looking at low THC cannabis strains, and it’ll come down between your choices of indicas vs sativas.

Indicas vs Sativas for Stress

Choosing an indica or a sativa also comes down to personal preference, but for newer patients, the difference between an indica or a sativa can really matter in the experience.

Indicas are known to produce more sedation, offering physical relaxation and a floaty, mellow experience. Sativas are known to produce heightened thoughts, offering enhanced creativity and mental relaxation, with less physical effects.

While either strain type can work just fine, many patients find that indicas are better for feeling relaxed but may be over-sedating, while sativas might be a little edgier, but feel less physically effective, making them a better choice when you have tasks to accomplish.

Best Medical Marijuana Strains for Combatting Stress

Best Cannabis Indica Strains for Stress Relief

Although there are countless indica strains to help combat excessive stress, these are our personal favorites:

· Granddaddy Purple – A deeply relaxing indica, Grandaddy Purple AKA GDP is a heavy hitting sedative with Myrcene as its dominant terpene, offering a blend of relaxation and deep sedation.

· Bubba Kush – Bubba Kush, AKA Bubba OG Kush, is a sweet and heavy strain known to produce euphoria and deep sleep, and its dominant terpene is Caryophyllene.

· Mazar Sharif – A sleepy Indica with Linalool as its dominant terpene, Mazar Sharif (also, just Mazar), is a legendary strain often found with high CBD percentages.

· Platinum Kush – A low THC indica with its dominant terpene being caryophyllene, Platinum Kush is known for its sleepy, sedating effects.

Best Cannabis Sativa Strains for Stress Relief

Some of the best sativa strains we’ve found to help with destressing:

· Sour Diesel – Sour Diesel has a dominant terpene of Caryophyllene and is one of the most popular cannabis strains. Known to help with depression, pain, and stress, Sour Diesel is a staple strain for helping with stress.

· Green Crack – Despite its somewhat over-the-top name, Green Crack is a phenomenal strain for combatting stress. With Myrcene as its dominant terpene, Green Crack is a potent strain offering an energizing mood boost alongside stress relief and is a great strain for the daytime.

· Strawberry Cough – Strawberry Cough is a sweet, berry flavored strain with Myrcene as its dominant terpene. Offering an uplifting mood and tons of euphoria, Strawberry Cough is another great daytime strain that tastes as good as it sounds.

· Purple Haze – More than just a famous Jimi Hendrix song, Purple Haze is a high-energy, creative strain that offers euphoria and bliss. This strain can often be found with much lower THC percentages, offering a great sativa experience for newer patients.

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

With cannabis flower now legally available in Louisiana, patients who have received a medical marijuana certification can shop for all the available cannabis strains at pharmacies.

Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program, or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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Call us at (833) 253-2943, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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