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Vote for Relief - These Louisiana Politicians Support Marijuana Legalization

When it comes to ensuring access to the safe, natural relief that cannabis provides, there has never been a more important time to make it out to the polls. Louisiana residents who have their medical marijuana card are finally able to enjoy cannabis legally, but laws can be reversed, and it’s important to cast your ballot for political candidates who have your best interests in mind.

Additional issues to consider are the stances politicians have on issues such as recreational cannabis legalization as well as softening fines for marijuana-related crimes and how those currently incarcerated for those crimes are treated. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to cannabis, and it is important to know where your state officials stand.

Key Louisiana Politicians in Support of Marijuana Legalization

When it comes to politics, there are no shortage of candidates running for office throughout Louisiana. So, instead of attempting to give you a comprehensive list of politicians who support marijuana legalization, we’ll list some of the major political players who are pro-cannabis and give you some resources on how to keep current on pending marijuana legislation in Louisiana.

Gary Chambers

Gary Chambers, who is running for U.S. Senate, is very clear on his pro-marijuana stance, discussing the unjust statistics especially for black Americans, when it comes to cannabis-related arrests. He even puts his money where his mouth is, smoking a blunt on camera in a recent political ad that went viral, gaining the candidate national attention.

In a profile in Rolling Stone, Chambers is quoted on his vision for Louisiana, stating, “No Louisianan is alone, there are more of us ready to help our neighbors and lift our communities to give us all a fair shot at a bright future and prosperous life here in this state,” Chambers added. “If we work together, we can bring real change to Louisiana.”

Scott McKnight

Republican state representative Scott McKnight is an unlikely name to wind up on this list, as he was originally against cannabis legalization. However, he recently agreed that the public view on marijuana is shifting, citing that, since the medical marijuana bill passed, he has not “received a negative email or call.” In contrast, he said he has “received a positive bit of emails. The tide is changing.”

Richard Nelson

State representative Richard Nelson states that he has never used marijuana, but he sees the value that cannabis has for the state economy. In the past, he put forth a bill that would legalize marijuana for all adults, allowing the state to collect taxes on the cannabis sold.

The bill did not pass, but Nelson didn’t expect it to. He knew the bill faced tough opposition, but is optimistic that opinion in the state is slowly but surely tipping in favor of the legal sale of recreational marijuana. Nelson says he looks forward to the way taxed marijuana revenue will solve issues for the state’s strapped budget.

How to Stay Up to Date on Cannabis Legalization

Marijuana reform is gaining momentum in states throughout America, and legislation is constantly being proposed all over the country. As a voter in Louisiana, it is important for you to know exactly what is happening in your state, and what you can do to make your voice heard.

One of the best resources for staying knowledgeable on current cannabis reform is the “Take Action” page on the NORML website. NORML is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Based out of Washington, D.C., NORML has been around since 1970. The organization was a pioneer in the fight to legalize medical marijuana, and if you have your state medical card, it may not have been possible without the efforts of groups like NORML.

On their “Take Action” page, NORML provides an interactive map of the United States which takes note of relevant bills pending in each state, and which have been enacted. This is a great resource to return to regularly to keep current on all marijuana-related legislation that is pending in Louisiana.

How to Make Your Voice Heard

When it comes to cannabis legalization, it is important to make your voice heard so that your legislators are aware of your support. An organization at the forefront of changing cannabis laws is the Marijuana Policy Project, or MPP.

The MPP is a non-profit organization dedicated to the legalization of medical marijuana. They help to run legalization campaign efforts throughout the United States and have many resources dedicated to informing the public on how to ensure their voice is heard.

In Louisiana, the MPP wants to make it easy for residents to make their Senator aware of their support for cannabis legalization, which was already passed by the House. Just CLICK HERE, and the MPP will take you through a very easy process to let your senator know you want them to pass cannabis reform policy. . You’ll fill out some of your personal information, then they will draft a letter for you, which you can review and submit.

Relax - It’s Legal

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