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  • Olivia Castro

Everything You Need To Know About Tinctures

Right now in Louisiana’s medical marijuana program only marijuana extracts are available for purchase. Although there is flower on the horizon, today, extracts are what Louisiana patients have access to.

Marijuana extracts can come in many different forms. They are available in oils, topicals, edibles, inhalers, capsules, patches and, of course, tinctures.

Tinctures are one of the oldest and most traditional ways of consuming medical marijuana. They are also one of the easiest!

In this blog, we will be reviewing exactly what tinctures are, how to use them and the benefits of using tinctures as your medical marijuana format. We also will be letting you know how and where you can get them in Louisiana!

Keep reading for everything you need to know about tinctures!

What is a Tincture?

Marijuana tinctures are a very old school way of consuming marijuana. In fact, they were the original form of medical marijuana before the U.S. made marijuana illegal.

Tinctures are an alcohol-based marijuana extract, in other words, marijuana-infused alcohol. They come in a little jar with a dropper so you can get the exact dosage that is right for you.

Tinctures have stood the test of time since they are a great format to use when entering into the medical marijuana world. Many people starting their journey do not want to consume their medication in a way that feels recreational to them. For these people, tinctures are perfect since they feel more like taking a traditional medication.

People have also been drawn to tinctures because it is easy to do a DIY version at home! All you need is a jar, alcohol, marijuana and a strainer. You can make your own tinctures at home once Louisiana fully passes the bill to add flower to the menu as flower is a key ingredient!

How to Properly Dose Tinctures

The key to properly dosing tinctures is the start low and slow!

Once you have picked up a tincture that you want to try from your local dispensary, the doses are easy to measure and consume.

First, start by using 1mL of your tincture and put it underneath your tongue. Wait anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes to feel the full effects.

With marijuana products that are consumed orally, you want to make sure to be very careful not to dose too much. You can risk experiencing an uncomfortable high which can insight paranoia or anxiety. Although there is no risk of overdosing with marijuana, it can be quite uncomfortable to over consume.

When starting out with tinctures, up your dose a little bit each day until you feel the desired effects that you are looking for. For example, after trying 1mL the first day, try 2mL the next and see how you feel. Repeat this process until you find the right dosage for you!

Benefits of Using Tinctures

There are many benefits to using tinctures as your medical marijuana format.

  1. Tinctures are discreet. Medical marijuana patients are using marijuana to treat their medical conditions, not for fun. Using tinctures feels just like taking any other medication!

  2. Tinctures have a faster onset than edibles. Edibles typically can take over an hour to take effect whereas tinctures can be effective in as little as 15 minutes. This can help you get relief quickly!

  3. Tinctures are super easy to dose! They have an eyedropper so you can easily increase or decrease your usage at any time.

  4. Tinctures can last years! Since they are alcohol based they don’t go bad as long as they are stored in a cool, dark place.

  5. Tinctures are low calorie. They have about 7-10 calories per mL so if you are looking for a low-calorie option, tinctures are for you!

  6. Tinctures can be easily added to your food! In fact, tinctures are one of the easiest ways to incorporate marijuana into your meals. You can add them to drinks, soups, salad dressings, mashed potatoes, you name it!

Where Can I Get Tinctures in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, you can only purchase tinctures at a state licensed dispensary. In order to access dispensaries, you have to have a medical marijuana card.

Louisiana is an “all conditions” state meaning that any and all medical conditions can qualify you for medical marijuana treatment as long as you have a certified doctor's recommendation.

We can help you with this! Schedule an appointment with us today.


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