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  • Olivia Castro

Does Marijuana Use After Work Affect Work Productivity?

For centuries artists and musicians have used marijuana to help their creative process. Some of the greatest musicians of all time, like The Beatles, swear by this method. But not all of us are a John, Paul, George or Ringo. Some of us are more like Brian Epstein, the manager of The Beatles. We don’t have a creative process, we have 9-5 traditional jobs. So how does marijuana use affect our job performance?

Now that medical and recreational marijuana is being legalized in states across the country, there are more and more studies being conducted that are looking into how marijuana use affects work productivity.

Recent Research on Marijuana Use and Work Performance

A recent study revealed that using marijuana after work actually did not affect people’s performance or productivity on the job the next day. The study looked into a couple of things. First, it looked at how using marijuana at different times of the day affected people’s ability to complete tasks at work the next day. Second, the study wanted to see if marijuana use impacted how people worked with their coworkers or if it changed their attitude towards work in general.

This study revealed two different big ideas. The first was that marijuana use before or during work hours had a negative affect on work performance. Marijuana use before or during work hours impacted the amount of tasks people were able to complete and interfered with their ability to solve problems. It impacted people’s ability to work on a team and incited more counterproductive activities at work, like daydreaming or taking excessive time on a single task.

While this doesn’t sound too good at all, there is still something positive from the study! The study revealed that using marijuana after work hours did not affect any of these measures at all.

While the first finding seems a bit daunting, the second finding is a very big deal because it breaks the stigma that surrounds marijuana use, whether it is medicinal or recreational. There are myths that marijuana users are lazy and unmotivated. This study showed that yes, using on the job is a very bad idea (and can even be illegal in some cases) but after-hours use does not impact work productivity at all.

Implications for the Workplace

Using marijuana is actually more common then one would think. It is estimated that about 20% of Americans have used marijuana, which is a number that is on the conservative side. In Europe, marijuana is the second most popular drug after alcohol, even in countries where it is still illegal.

This is because marijuana really does work! Marijuana can reduce stress, calm anxiety, aid chronic pain, and ease insomnia. These are issues that people deal with day to day that marijuana can help with.

Many businesses have drug-related policies. Even with a medical marijuana card, you could be fired if your job has a “no marijuana” policy and performs drug tests on their employees. This is unfortunately a very scary truth so before getting your medical marijuana card make sure you check the drug policy at your workplace so as to not risk your job.

This makes more sense for some jobs and not others. Like alcohol, marijuana affects your overall coordination. Motor skills, reaction times and hand-eye coordination can all be impacted by marijuana use. This can be an issue if you work with machinery or construction.

At Louisiana Marijuana Card, we believe that drug policies should always be based on evidence. Stick to medical marijuana use after hours and your work productivity will remain unaffected! Just remember to first make sure that your medical marijuana use is not against your company's drug policy overall.

How Can I Get My Medical Marijuana Card in Louisiana?

Are you thinking about getting your medical marijuana card? Just don’t know how to go about it? We can help you!

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  3. With the doctor's approval, you'll receive your medical marijuana card and have access to Louisiana dispensaries!

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