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  • Olivia Castro

Having Trouble Sleeping? Medical Marijuana Can Help!

Sleeping is one of the key factors in healing. If you cannot sleep well, you cannot heal to the best of your ability. You also will be more fatigued and sleepy throughout your day which can make any other medical condition you may have worse.

There are many benefits to having flower available in Louisiana, one of them being that you can have the ability to purchase specific strains to help with your specific medical condition, like insomnia.

Nearly 70 million American suffer from insomnia. Medical marijuana can help with this!

In today’s article, we will be reviewing what insomnia is, how medical marijuana can help and also how Louisiana’s new flower bill can get you the exact strains and terpenes that you need to treat this condition!

The Basics of Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that makes it difficult for people to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Acute insomnia is common and only occurs for a couple of nights. This is often brought about by stressful external situations. Chronic insomnia is a completely different story. Those with chronic insomnia regularly experience three or more restless nights a week that can last well over a month. This condition affects billions of people worldwide!

Insomnia also affects women at two times the rate that it does men and is a condition that worsens with age. About half of all seniors are affected regularly by insomnia.

Insomnia is much more complex than just not sleeping. It causes a person to be irritable, and exhausted for most of their days. It also is linked to increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other serious health conditions.

The primary cause of insomnia is stress but it also can be triggered by other medical conditions that a person may have or even from the medication that they’re taking to control other conditions.

Thankfully, in Louisiana, any and all conditions can qualify you for medical marijuana treatment. There you can get a medical marijuana card which can help relieve your insomnia!

Can Medical Marijuana Help Me Sleep?

One of the best things about using medical marijuana to treat your medical condition is that there are no side effects. Side effects of prescription medications often leave people having many restless nights. Marijuana can help with that!

Marijuana is known for helping you sleep. It has been found to make it easier to fall asleep, especially when using marijuana strains that are high in THC. It also can aid in having longer and better quality sleep durations.

Marijuana has been shown to increase deep sleep as well. This is vital for your body as researchers believe that deep sleep plays a strong role in the healing process and restoring our body’s natural processes for the next day.

Many people who experience insomnia have breathing problems when sleeping too, especially men. Marijuana can also help with this! It has been shown to help people with sleep apnea breathe easier when they sleep.

Terpenes for Insomnia Treatment:

When we think about treating medical conditions with medical cannabis, we often go straight to which strains will best treat our conditions. People overlook how important terpenes are in aiding medical conditions such as insomnia.

There are three major terpenes that you should look out for when choosing a medical marijuana strain for your insomnia treatment:

  • Terpinolene

    • This is one of the least common terpenes so it may be a bit hard to find but it is full of sedating effects that also have antioxidant properties.

  • Myrcene

    • This terpene is much more common and has some awesome effects that many love. Myrcene will help you wind down for the night and also is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties which will also help aid your qualifying condition.

  • Caryophyllene

    • This terpene has a spicy and peppery profile that helps reduce pain and ease stress. Both of these are perfect for quieting those thoughts and that physical pain that keeps you up at night.

Top Strains of Medical Marijuana for Insomnia:

Now let’s get to those strains! Here are some of the best strains that you can use for your insomnia treatment. These are strains that are rich in the terpenes that combat sleepless nights.

Just remember that dispensaries are business at the end of the day. One day they could have a product and the next they could be sold out. If you’re looking for something specific, like these strains that treat insomnia, the best thing to do is to either check out the menu on their website or just give them a call and ask them.

If you are unable to find these specific strains, another thing you can do is have an open and honest conversation at the dispensary. Just let them know that you’re dealing with insomnia and they will help point you in the right direction. You can even take this blog with you and see if there is anything similar or with the terpenes that will help!

Strains that will help treat insomnia:

  • Blueberry

    • This strain has a fresh blueberry-like fragrance that will help you feel not only sleepy but happy. It is rich in myrcene so you will feel a sedating effect that is relaxing and euphoric!

  • Sensi Star

    • This strain has the rare terpinolene terpene that will make you feel calm, relaxed and sleepy.

  • Purple Kush

    • This strain’s main terpene is myrcene that will help you feel extremely relaxed in a euphoric, sleepy bliss!

  • Cherry Pie

    • This strain is a cross between two popular strains and will induce sleep with it’s caryophyllene terpene profile.

Once the Louisiana Governor officially passes the flower bill, you can access these strains at your local dispensary but you will need to get your medical marijuana card. If you have a medical condition, you can qualify!

Give us a call or schedule an appointment online with us. Don’t wait another minute for the relief that you deserve!


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