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  • Olivia Castro

Best Strains & Products for the Summertime

It is finally summertime in Louisiana and after the past two years that we have all had staying indoors, we are finally free!

During Louisiana summers we are all out and about, living our best lives with the sun on our skin and the breeze in our hair. But let’s be honest. Using medical cannabis in summer is different than using it when the weather is a little cooler.

When the weather gets warmer, more medical marijuana patients are looking for strains and products that are cooler to add to their summertime collection. Whether you are sunbathing beach side on Rutherford Beach or strolling through Fontainebleau State Park, you want your medical marijuana to work for you and the weather.

At Louisiana Marijuana Card, we strive not only to be the best medical marijuana provider in the state but we also want to give you all the information you need to have the best treatment plan you can.

Here is a little guide on some strains and products that you can look out for at your local dispensary in order to get the best medication for the summer heat!

Strains for the Summertime

Flower being available to dispensaries in Louisiana is just around the corner. So this is a guide to get you prepared for what you will be able to purchase soon!

There are a few strains that you can keep an eye out for. I chose three for this list because they are not always going to be available. Remember that dispensaries at the end of the day are businesses, one day they could have a product and the next day be out. In order to avoid these issues, you can first look at their website menu to see if they have any of these strains in stock or you simply give them a call when flower is available!

  • Chernobyl:

    • This strain is a hybrid that is sativa-dominant and super versatile. It is perfect for the summer because it comes with fresh scents of lemon, lime and orange. It is like inhaling a marijuana cocktail! The aroma of this strain wakes up the body and has an upbeat, cheerful effect so you can skip into your summer with some pep in your step.

  • Chocolope:

    • Sativa is the way to go in the summertime! This strain will help you make the most of this social summer by making you active and alert. With Chocolope you get all the earthy spice flavors you could want with an undertone of fresh fruits. This one is perfect for doing everything on your summer bucket list!

  • Super Lemon Haze:

    • We are all about lemon this summer! With this Super Lemon Haze strain, you will feel like you're floating away on a beautiful raft into paradise. This strain has an obvious lemon zest flavor and is also a sativa-dominant hybrid. It gives off a dreamy effect that will have you relishing in all the summer beauty around you.

Summertime Formats

Even though flower is not available in Louisiana dispensaries just yet, you still can get cool for the summer heat. This is where formats come in!

One of the best ways to cool down with medical marijuana is by using tinctures. Tinctures are a marijuana infused liquid concentrate that is consumed orally for quick relief.

As if tinctures weren’t already great on their own, they also can be mixed in with your favorite summertime drinks. Tinctures come in a variety of flavors so they are easily concealable taste-wise when added to a drink. This is a great way to stay refreshed, hydrated and get your treatment on!

If you’re looking for some recipes on adding tinctures to your favorite drinks this summer, head to our blog on cannabis infused cocktail recipes!


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