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Marijuana Doctors in New Orleans, Louisiana 

Medical Marijuana Doctor in New Orleans
Telemedicine Appointments Only
3925 N I-10 Service Road Suite 109O
New Orleans, LA 70032
Phone: (504) 375-2112

New Orleans Phone Consultation

Request a phone consultation to schedule an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation in New Orleans!

Get Approved for Your Louisiana Marijuana Card from Home Through Telemedicine

You can get approved for the medical use of marijuana from the comforts of your home with Telemedicine. Does not matter where you are located in Louisiana, our staff is here to help you get approved for medical marijuana treatment! All you need is an internet connection via your smartphone, computer, or tablet. We will email you a link to your appointment, directing you to our online waiting room. And, when your doctor is ready, they will begin your virtual visit! ​​

Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in New Orleans Louisiana

The medical use of cannabis is legal in the state of Louisiana under qualifying conditions.  At Louisiana Marijuana Card, our mission is to grant easy access to medical marijuana treatment for qualifying patients.   You can schedule an appointment without leaving the comforts of your home.  Have a virtual appointment with our compassionate medical marijuana doctors who can help approve the use of medical marijuana. Our friendly and helpful staff will also assist you through the application and approval process to ensure a simple and stress-free experience.

Getting approved for a Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card is easy.

  • Be diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition

  • Have the official written certification from a Louisiana licensed physician

  • Be a Louisiana resident with proof of residency, (LA Driver’s License or LA State ID card).

Once you have achieved your license, you can now access the medical marijuana dispensaries located although the state of Louisiana. 

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in New Orleans

After obtaining a medical marijuana card, patients will need to find a Louisiana dispensary to purchase marijuana. Click here to find a marijuana dispensary near you

Louisiana Marijuana Card Is Here to Help

​​At Louisiana Marijuana Card, we strive to provide excellent customer service to patients in need. While other providers won’t see patients without bringing medical records to the appointment, Louisiana Marijuana Card understands that it might be challenging for you to obtain a  copy of your records. Fortunately, we have a full-time medical records team that can assist you in obtaining your medical records at no additional charge.

Get a Louisiana Marijuana Card

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