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  • Olivia Castro

What Is The Difference Between Indica vs. Sativa

Know the Differences: Indica vs Sativa

Cannabis has the potential to treat a variety of medical conditions. Growers across the world have created different strains, and understanding different strains is important in knowing how cannabis works in your body. At the most basic level, the different types of cannabis plants are indica and sativa.


Indica plants are produced with a large amount of CBD and a smaller amount of THC. Indica medicinal strains are commonly used for increased mental relaxation, muscle relaxation, decreased nausea, decreased acute pains, increased appetite and an increase of dopamine levels. Additionally, indica strains are most often used before bed to help patients with insomnia.


Sativa plants, unlike indica, are produced with greater amounts of THC and less CBD. Sativa medicinal strains are best for daytime use and are often used to treat anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Sativa can also be helpful for increased focus and creativity and an increased level of serotonin.

Choosing Between the Two

The decision between sativa and indica ultimately depends on your medical conditions, specific symptoms and personal preference. If you are unsure of which will work best for you, consult with your doctor. They may also suggest that you try different products/strains to determine which gives you the most relief.

If you qualify for one of the approved qualifying conditions for medical marijuana use, call us today to learn more and to book your appointment!


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