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  • Bailey Porras

What Is THC Half Life & How Is THC Metabolized?

Medical marijuana is currently legal in Louisiana, and you can get your medical card today! If you have any questions, give us a call and let us help you! It is now easier than ever to get your medical card from the comfort of your own home with telemedicine.

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana and it is responsible for the feeling of being “high.” If you are interested in getting your medical card or if you already have yours, you should understand how THC impacts your body.

You should know how THC is metabolized in the body, where it runs through, and how long it can take to kick in. It also may be helpful to understand how long THC can stay in the body. In this blog, we will discuss the half life and metabolization of marijuana.

What Is a Half Life?

The half life of marijuana is a measure of how long it takes for the THC to be reduced in your body by half. Half life is determined by a whole host of factors which include your body fat percentage and how often you use cannabis.

For those who use cannabis infrequently, the half life may be between 1-3 days. Heavy users may experience a half life of about 5-13 days. It also depends on the person’s metabolism rate.

How Do We Metabolize THC?

The way our bodies metabolize THC depends on a number of factors. Smoking is popular due to its early onset of effects and when you smoke, the THC enters your bloodstream through your lungs.

About 65% of cannabinoids are usually excreted naturally through bowel movements and 20% in urine.

THC is metabolized through liver enzymes when we smoke. However, cannabis affects everyone differently due to genetic markers in the liver.

The metabolization process is quite different when somebody uses cannabis in another form, like edibles. When you consume an edible, the THC must pass through the digestive system, so it takes longer to metabolize.

The Bottom Line

If you have your medical card or are thinking about getting one, you should know how the THC will affect you. The half life of THC is important, and the delivery method you use for cannabis will determine how you metabolize it.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Louisiana Today!

Medical marijuana is legal in the State of Louisiana, and you can get your medical marijuana card today! It is now easier than ever to get your card, so if you think cannabis may benefit you, what are you waiting for?

If you aren’t sure if you qualify for a card, we can help! Just give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have.

Marijuana is an excellent alternative medicine that offers natural, safe, and legal relief for an array of symptoms. If you think cannabis could help some of your symptoms, what are you waiting for?

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