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Veterans Rally to Expand Louisiana Marijuana Program

Louisiana’s medical marijuana program has opened the doors for patients with qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, offering cannabis as a natural alternative for many symptoms.

While the program is off to a good start, patients and citizens are concerned with the rising cost of cannabis, the lack of protections for patients, and the unsettling number of people with convictions of marijuana related offenses who remain imprisoned.

For 2022, Louisiana is looking at a list of upcoming marijuana related bills that could address many of these concerns. There’s growing support from groups like Louisiana Veterans for Medical Cannabis.

Protections for MMJ Patients, Expungement, Increased Dispensaries, & More

Louisiana’s medical marijuana program is getting plenty of attention both inside and outside the State.

From the outside, the program seems to be settling in well, with cannabis flower recently approved and cultivators producing cannabis for pharmacies permitted to sell.

There are only 9 dispensaries in the whole State and two growing operations which are ran through the Louisiana school system, while prices for cannabis are astronomical, especially considering the limited supply.

There’s also a lack of record expungement for prior cannabis convictions and unclear protections for medical marijuana patients. It appears that Louisiana might be dropping the ball, but upcoming legislation aims to tackle some of these problems.

4 Upcoming Bills for Louisiana Medical Marijuana Program

There are four upcoming pieces of legislation that aim to address some of the problems that Louisiana medical marijuana patients and cannabis consumers are facing:

· HB425 – Increases the number of pharmacies able to sell cannabis in Louisiana

· HB629 – Addresses warrantless searches based on the “smell” of cannabis

· HB774 – Expunges records for persons convicted of small amounts of cannabis

· HB137 – Offers protections for medical marijuana patients from being prosecuted

All the bills have been introduced in the House and referred to their respective committees where they will be further analyzed and debated before moving through the rest of the legislative process.

Louisiana Veterans for Medical Cannabis founder Tony Landry advocates for the expansion of the medical marijuana program in Louisiana. In an interviews, he said:

“They’re running out. They’re running out of cannabis in the dispensaries very soon after it’s brought to the dispensary. So, if we get more growers, we’ll have more strains. Cannabis has different strains. Certain ailments require a certain strain,”

Louisiana Will Debate Medical Marijuana Program in 2022

Will Louisiana Get More Cannabis Growers in 2022?

A search through Louisiana’s pending legislature concerning “marijuana” reveals that 26 bills are currently pending regarding the subject, some of which that do address the limited number of growers in Louisiana.

HB767 aims to increase the number of production facilities in Louisiana by 6 and capping the number until a license is revoked, not renewed, or a license is added by legislative approval.

That’s a reasonable increase for a State with only 2 cultivation facilities who are arguably struggling to meet both the demand for cannabis products and the price required to be affordable in Louisiana.

How Will Louisiana Respond to the Upcoming Medical Marijuana Bills?

Louisiana is looking at a long road ahead for the legislative session, with multiple bills concerning medical marijuana on the table.

This is often one of the struggles for new or early medical marijuana programs, where legislators seek to limit the capacity before the program becomes operational, causing bottlenecking and delays shortly after the program is initiated.

The process isn’t new or unsurprising, as states like Georgia and Tennessee limit patients to ineffective dosages of THC. Essentially, they’ve legalized hemp or CBD products masquerading as medical marijuana.

When states take a restrictive approach with cannabis, it only leads to complications later on. For chronic and terminally ill patients, the damage can be severe, such as with Georgia for example, where patients have been waiting for 7 years while legislators have failed miserably to provide any of the CBD products that were promised for some 20,000 patients.

So, while it can always be better, it can certainly be worse. Louisiana has a lot to look forward to this year with its upcoming cannabis legislation, and we hope to see some positive movement with the bills that are proposed.

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

Louisiana offers medical cannabis for patients with qualifying conditions that have registered for a medical marijuana certification. Cannabis flower, edibles, tinctures, and more are available to patients who have received a medical marijuana card in Louisiana. You can get your medical marijuana certification today!

Getting a medical marijuana card in Louisiana is easier than ever. Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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