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Rolling Cannabis – Blunts, Joints, & Hemp Wraps

Getting a Louisiana medical marijuana card allows you to access cannabis as medicine legally in the Creole State. Cannabis flower is in high demand since its legalization in January 2022.

Cannabis flower is the most popular medical marijuana product available, and patients have several choices when it comes to how they want to use it.

Whether it’s pipes, bongs, joints, or vaporizers, qualified medical marijuana patients have the freedom to consume their cannabis in any way that makes sense for them.

In this article, we’ll talk about the art of rolling cannabis, why patients choose to roll their buds, and look at some of the different options available for patients who want to roll their cannabis!

Different Ways to Roll and Smoke Cannabis

How to Roll & Smoke a Cannabis Joint

Joints are among the most popular ways to consume cannabis because they’re small, convenient, easily shared with other patients, and produce a clean and often filtered smoke.

Joints can come in a range of different sized papers, offering patients the ability to use larger or smaller amounts of cannabis flower. Joints can be rolled with or without a filter, though we recommend a filter for a smoother smoke. For first timers, it makes it easier to roll a joint with a filter.

Joints can be made from traditional paper and wax, hemp, or any number of organic substances, so there’s plenty of options for flavor and material.

Joints can be rolled by hand or with a rolling device, which many new patients may find extremely handy.

To roll a joint, try watching a few YouTube videos on the art of joint rolling to get a little familiar with the process.

How to Roll a Joint:

· When you’re ready to try your hand at rolling your own joint, place the paper flat on a surface with the gum strip at the top and finely grind some cannabis flower. Make or tear off a filter.

· Place the filter at one end of the paper and the ground up flower throughout the other side, filling the joint all the way to end.

· Pick the paper, filter, and flower up with your index fingers and thumbs, gently rolling the paper up and down to get the flower into a conical shape inside the paper.

· Pack the flower in slightly and roll the paper upwards to make a cigarette shape with the joint, lick the gum strip and close the joint. That’s it!

How to Roll and Smoke a Cannabis Blunt

Blunts are common in states with recreational cannabis, though they find less use in medical marijuana due to the nicotine content. Blunts can be bought without nicotine, but we’ll talk about that a little bit later.

Blunts use considerably more flower than joints, often making them preferred by patients with higher tolerances. Due to the tobacco in the wraps, blunts give a unique flavor to the cannabis smoke.

Blunts can come ready to roll, though many consumers choose to purchase cigars and remove the tobacco, using only the tobacco leaf as a blunt wrap.

How to Roll a Blunt:

· Choose whether you want a ready-to-roll blunt wrap or if you’d prefer to split your own cigar. Splitting your own cigar requires additional effort, so for this how-to, we’ll stick with ready-to-roll blunts.

· Open the blunt wrap and lay it on a flat surface. Older wraps will be drier and may require dampening to get completely flat.

· Grind some flower to a medium grind and place your flower in a line at the middle of the blunt wrap.

· Using the same rolling technique as the joint, pick up the wrap and flower with your index fingers and thumbs. Instead of rolling from end to end, start with a ¼ of wrap on only one end.

· Gently roll the end into a conical shape, working your way down the wrap as you go. When one section is rolled tight enough to hold, lick and seal the top of the wrap over that section and continue until you reach the end!

How to Roll and Smoke a Cannabis Hemp Wrap

Hemp Wraps offer the best of both worlds from joints and blunts, giving you plenty of real estate to roll large amounts of cannabis while staying nicotine free with no tobacco.

Hemp wraps are made using hemp, and they’re one of the best ways to smoke cannabis because all the ingredients are from the cannabis plant!

Hemp wraps come in many different sizes and flavors, with some as small as ¼ joints and some as large as an XL cigar.

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap:

· Open the hemp wrap and lay it on a flat surface. As with blunts, older wraps will be drier and may require dampening with water or saliva to get completely flat.

· Grind some flower to a medium grind and place the flower in a line at the middle of the hemp wrap.

· Using the same rolling technique as the joint and blunt, pick up the hemp wrap with your index fingers and thumbs and start with a ¼ of the wrap on one end.

· Gently roll the end into a conical shape down the end of the wrap until the flower is tight, seal off the end, and you’re done!

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

Louisiana dispensaries have multiple choices when it comes to cannabis flower, and patients have even more choices with how they want to use it! Patients who have received a Louisiana medical marijuana certification can legally purchase and possess cannabis products in the State.

Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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