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New Louisiana Marijuana Bills: What You Need to Know

Louisiana is poised to make significant changes to its medical marijuana industry. The state legislature recently passed several bills that could reshape the landscape for patients, growers, and businesses. This article will break down what you need to know about these new bills and why obtaining a medical marijuana card in Louisiana is crucial.

The Transition to Private Growers

One of the most impactful changes comes from Senate Bill 228, which is awaiting Governor Jeff Landry's signature. This bill proposes transferring the state's two exclusive medical marijuana-growing licenses from Louisiana State University (LSU) and Southern University to their private partners, Good Day Farms and Ilera Holistic Healthcare.

Proponents argue that removing the universities from the program will streamline operations and reduce costs. Currently, LSU and Southern act as middlemen, adding bureaucratic layers that increase expenses for patients. By transferring the licenses directly to the private growers, supporters believe it will free up capital for further investments and potentially lower the cost of medical marijuana.

Critics, however, worry that this move will further entrench the duopoly of Good Day Farms and Ilera, limiting competition and keeping prices high. Former state Rep. Joe Marino expressed concerns that this could lead to a monopoly, reducing the state's control over the program.

THC Crackdown and Regulation

Another significant legislative focus is the regulation of hemp-derived THC products. Senate Bill 237, sponsored by state Sen. Thomas Pressly, aims to eliminate the market for these products entirely. This bill has faced backlash from those who argue it could stifle a burgeoning industry.

On the other hand, House Bill 952, sponsored by Rep. Dustin Miller, seeks to implement stricter regulations without an outright ban. This bill proposes measures like placing certain products behind counters, regulating portion sizes, and requiring more rigorous testing.

The hemp-derived THC market in Louisiana has grown rapidly, generating $33 million in revenue. The push for stricter regulation has been fueled by concerns over product potency and pressure from the established medical marijuana industry.

Why Medical Marijuana Is the Right Choice

For those seeking marijuana for therapeutic purposes, medical marijuana remains the legal and safer option in Louisiana. The state has a well-regulated medical marijuana program that ensures products are safe and effective for patients.

Medical marijuana is prescribed to treat a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more. With a medical marijuana card, patients have access to high-quality products specifically designed to meet their health needs.

To access medical marijuana in Louisiana, patients need a valid recommendation from a board-certified physician. This process ensures that only those with genuine medical needs can obtain these products, maintaining the integrity of the program.

The Importance of Staying Informed

These new bills could significantly impact patients and businesses in Louisiana's marijuana industry. It's crucial for patients, growers, and entrepreneurs to stay informed about these changes and understand how they might affect their access to medical marijuana.

Another critical aspect of the new legislation is the role of local governments. Louisiana cities will have the authority to decide whether they want to participate in the legal marijuana market. This means that the availability of medical and potentially recreational marijuana could vary significantly across the state.

The Future of Marijuana in Louisiana

While recreational marijuana remains illegal in Louisiana, these legislative changes could pave the way for future reforms. The shift to private growers and stricter regulation of THC products indicates that the state is willing to evolve its marijuana policies.

Public opinion and advocacy will play crucial roles in shaping the future of marijuana laws in Louisiana. As more states move toward legalization, there is growing pressure for Louisiana to follow suit. Patients and advocates must continue to voice their needs and push for a more accessible and affordable medical marijuana program.


The new marijuana bills in Louisiana signal significant changes for the state's marijuana industry. By transferring growing licenses to private entities and tightening regulations on THC products, the state aims to streamline operations and enhance patient access. However, these changes also come with concerns about monopolies and market control.

For those in need of therapeutic marijuana, obtaining a medical marijuana card remains the best legal option. Staying informed about legislative changes and advocating for patient needs will be essential as Louisiana navigates the evolving landscape of marijuana laws.

Keep an eye on local government decisions and stay engaged with advocacy groups to ensure that the future of marijuana in Louisiana is one that benefits all residents.

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