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How Many People in Louisiana Use Medical Marijuana for MS?

Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis

More Than You May Think!

Louisiana Marijuana Card is showing support for National MS Awareness Month by making the National MS Society our charity of the month. Most people who have MS know that medical marijuana is a natural and effective way for people throughout the state of Louisiana to treat some of the most debilitating symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

We couldn’t be happier to contribute to the advancement of research and treatment development through our donation to the organization.

Multiple Sclerosis makes it onto almost every state’s list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, and that’s because it is so effective in helping patients with MS live their lives as normally as possible.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

The Mayo Clinic's page on multiple sclerosis defines MS as a disease in which the immune system attacks the protective coating on nerve fibers within the central nervous system. The coating, known as the myelin sheath, is similar to the protective coating on electrical wires, and the effects are also similar when it is damaged: poor and disconnected communication.

Symptoms of MS include muscle spasticity, chronic pain, balance problems, “brain-fog”, memory loss, constant exhaustion, frequent urination, bladder incontinence, and a whole host of other complications.

How Does Medical Marijuana Help Symptoms of MS?

The American Academy of Neurology concluded that various THC products are “probably effective” at treating various issues related to MS, cited in a publication put out on the National MS Society website.

The 2014 review included data and results concerning the efficacy of medical marijuana on treating MS and other neurologic diseases, from all research published in peer-reviewed journals at the time.

Most available research up to and after the 2014 review shows participants report a decided improvement in many of their symptoms. The main effects were on spasticity, muscle and nerve pain, urinary frequency, and alertness.

Finding the right formulas and strains with cannabinoid concentrations that are most beneficial to treating MS symptoms without increasing drowsiness and brain-fog can be tricky. Unfortunately, formal research may be a long way off because of restrictive Federal regulation.

Fortunately, experimenting with the strains and forms of medical marijuana that you find at Louisiana dispensaries can lead to a pretty fun weekend.

How Can I Raise Awareness About MS?

The National MS Society has plenty of resources, and local chapters like the Louisiana Chapter of the MS Society offer ways to connect through group discussions and events. Many offer services that help people who have MS find ways to manage symptoms and social stigmas surrounding neurological diseases.

Walk for MS

Walk for MS is a national event that takes place annually in cities all over the country. The goal is to provide an opportunity for people to connect, raising awareness as well as funds. Some day, we will find a way to either eradicate or cure MS, and these events further that goal.

Upcoming MS Walks in Louisiana




How to Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card to Treat MS Symptoms

In Louisiana, you qualify to use medical marijuana to treat your multiple sclerosis symptoms with a recommendation from a doctor. Join the thousands of patients who have found relief through the use of therapeutic cannabis.

Louisiana Marijuana Card offers medical marijuana evaluations and guidance from trained doctors and staff who are ready to answer your questions right now. Give us a call at


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