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House Bill That Adds More Growers Gains Speed in Louisiana

Louisiana is looking for answers on how to expand the medical marijuana program by recognizing the need for more growing facilities and taking action.

Committee members recommended a pass for House Bill 566, which aims to move Louisiana’s cannabis program under the wing of the Department of Health and removes the cap on the number of cultivators allowed to operate.

If passed by the Senate, HB566 could completely change the program in Louisiana, and with unlimited cultivators, patients could see better prices and more supply.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about House Bill 566 and how Louisiana could see lower prices on cannabis soon!

House Bill 566 Removes Cultivation Cap & Changes Authority

Unlimited Cultivators & A New Administrative Branch for Louisiana Cannabis Program

House Bill 566 aims to move Louisiana’s medical cannabis program from under the Department of Agriculture and over to the Department of Health, as well as remove the cap for the number of cultivators that can grow cannabis in the State.

Louisiana’s likely to look at the bill favorably, too, considering the long list of bills that propose expanding Louisiana’s medical cannabis program.

More cultivators and a more health-conscious administrative lead could help bring Louisiana’s limited program into the 21st century, where patients could see lower prices and better access to cannabis as a medicine.

The Dangers of Limited Cannabis Cultivators

Compared to neighboring states like Oklahoma and Arkansas, Louisiana’s medical marijuana program attempts to serve a larger population with a fraction of the same cultivation facilities.

It’s not a difficult pill to swallow, either. If you wanted to open a large restaurant in a popular area, you’d probably need more than one supplier to make sure you don’t run out of stock, especially if your restaurant becomes the next big thing for the town.

The cannabis business isn’t entirely different, and as a novel and popular alternative to pharmaceuticals, demand is extremely high.

With only two businesses that can grow cannabis in the State, supply is considerably low for the demand, and that is where the program can get sinister.

Limited cultivators also lead to increased prices because if you can manage to control the whole supply chain, you can control prices. When supply is low and demand is high, you get the idea.

Cultivators can charge whatever they want, or whatever is required, to produce a certain volume of cannabis. With only two companies producing cannabis, the entire supply chain gets a chink right here, where they’re capable of setting any price for their highly sought-after product.

How to Get Louisiana Cannabis Cheaper

Increase Cultivators, Decrease Burdens to Access

No doubt, the best way to increase the volume of cannabis in the State is to get more people growing and selling cannabis.

The demand is certainly there for it, and no one on this side of the legislative ladder is asking for higher prices.

By flooding the market with access to affordable alternative medicine, prices could be drastically reduced and supply would certainly meet the demand.

And if there’s a massive concern with overproducing cannabis in Louisiana, allow patients to cultivate their own medicine freely, cutting the supply chain right in the middle and offering patients the opportunity to avoid nearly all the costs associated with medical marijuana.

The Most Likely Outcome for Louisiana Cultivators

There’s no getting around the fact that the taxes and revenues from cultivating cannabis are incredibly high. These funds can be used in a variety of ways that benefit both legislators and citizens, such as improving roads, supporting school systems, or funding civil programs.

It’s understandable that lawmakers are clenching their wallets when it comes to expanding the Louisiana medical marijuana program, it offers a massive cash flow with limited oversight and a clearly defined supply chain.

At the expense of patients with chronic and terminal illnesses, though, the burden of high prices shouldn’t rest at the feet of people paying for their medicine.

There’s always compromise, and with Louisiana shutting down several of the 2022 legislative proposals that offered a more expansive cannabis program, it’s likely we’ll see which bill comes out on top this session.

There’s obviously heightened attention to scaling Louisiana’s medical cannabis program, and it’s favored by people on both ends of the political spectrum. Offering patients more supply at a reduced cost is the right choice, and it’s not hard to get there.

How House Bill 566 maneuvers through the Senate will give us a good idea of where lawmakers are leaning, and we’ll likely see some positive moves forward soon.

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