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  • Bailey Porras

Get A Handle On Your Emotions With Medical Marijuana

The negative social stigma against marijuana is decreasing with each year, and this is due to many things including legislation and medical research. One of the things cannabis has a reputation for is its effects on people’s emotions.

Marijuana, like any drug, affects your mental state when you use it. This is why marijuana is not for everyone. For some people, it can make them more productive. For others, it can make them feel very sleepy, which is sometimes a desired effect. It just depends on you.

People use cannabis for pain relief among many other things, but also because the psychoactive effects of marijuana can allow them to manage their mental state. In other words, many people report that cannabis makes them feel better.

The Effects of Cannabinoids on Our Bodies

Our bodies have endocannabinoid systems which regulate our central nervous system, among other things. THC and CBD are cannabinoids, and THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

The cannabinoids in marijuana can alter the function of our brain receptors and in our bodies. This is why cannabis can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, prevent nausea, improve our appetite, help us sleep, and more.

Cannabis and Emotions

Our emotion centers in the brain consist of our amygdala, midbrain, and insular cortex. The amygdala regulates feelings of anxiety, stress, fear, and more. When you consume cannabis, its cannabinoids are introduced into your bloodstream and central nervous system.

The cannabinoids are able to stimulate our amygdala. This is why some users might experience an increase in stress or anxiety when they use cannabis. If cannabis makes you more anxious or depressed, this could be due to the high potency of THC in your marijuana.

For others, marijuana makes them less stressed and anxious. Many people with clinical depression also report that cannabis helps their feelings of sadness. Basically, it just depends on the person and the potency or strain you are using.

Cannabis and Stress

Studies have shown that lower doses of high THC potent strains reduce stress and anxiety while higher doses can make them worse. CBD can also help lower anxiety and stress since it does not have psychoactive effects.

The Bottom Line

Many studies have been conducted in order to find out if cannabis can help people get a handle on their emotions. The majority of cannabis users believe it does help them cope with things like stress, depression, sadness, and anxiety.

However, every person is different, and marijuana is not for everyone. People’s personalities, emotions, and much more impact the way they will react to cannabis. Also, the potency of THC in the strain of cannabis can affect a person’s reaction to it considerably.

If you experience anxiety, stress, or depression, it is best to test the waters with a very low dose of high THC cannabis in order to find out if it helps you.

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