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Flying With Marijuana: Will TSA Catch Marijuana Products in Your Luggage?

As summer travel season hits its peak, many are finding themselves navigating through busy airports. For residents of Louisiana, understanding the rules and regulations surrounding traveling with marijuana is essential, especially as the state allows medical marijuana. 

This article will explore the intricacies of flying with marijuana from Louisiana, offering insights into TSA regulations and why having a medical marijuana card can be beneficial.

Cleared for Takeoff?

The TSA’s mission is to ensure the safety and security of travelers. While they are not specifically looking for marijuana, if they find it during the screening process, they are obligated to report it. Here’s what you need to know about the TSA’s stance on marijuana products.

The TSA has specific guidelines for marijuana products allowed through checkpoints:

  • Products containing no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis

  • FDA-approved marijuana products

Currently, the FDA has approved Epidiolex (a CBD product), Marinol, Syndros (both forms of dronabinol), and Cesamet (nabilone). If your edibles or CBD products meet these criteria, they can be carried in your checked or carry-on luggage.

For marijuana products exceeding the 0.3% THC threshold, the situation is more complex. TSA agents may not actively search for marijuana but will report it if found. In Louisiana, where recreational marijuana is illegal, this can result in legal issues if local law enforcement is involved.

Traveling From Louisiana

Louisiana allows the use of medical marijuana for patients with a doctor's prescription for specific conditions. This legal framework provides significant benefits for those who rely on marijuana for medical reasons.

Even with a medical marijuana card, flying with marijuana remains legally risky. The TSA operates under federal law, where marijuana is still currently classified as a Schedule I controlled substance. Consequently, carrying marijuana, including medical marijuana, can lead to complications during airport security checks.

When flying from Louisiana, keep in mind:

  • Louisiana law does not protect you from federal prosecution if marijuana is found during TSA screening.

  • Airports and airlines are governed by federal regulations, and TSA agents are required to enforce these laws.

  • Some airports have amnesty boxes where travelers can dispose of marijuana products before security checkpoints, but this is not a universal provision.

Your Marijuana Access Pass

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Louisiana unlocks a range of benefits, particularly for individuals relying on cannabis for therapeutic purposes. With a medical marijuana card, patients gain legal protection within the state, enabling them to possess and consume marijuana without facing state-level legal consequences. 

This safeguard is invaluable for those whose conditions necessitate marijuana treatment. Louisiana's licensed medical marijuana dispensaries provide high-quality, regulated products, ensuring that patients have access to safe, effective, and tailored cannabis medicine. 

Furthermore, registered medical marijuana cardholders often have the advantage of consulting healthcare professionals who can offer expert guidance on the appropriate administration and dosing of medical marijuana for optimal management of their respective conditions. This specialized support can significantly enhance the efficacy and safety of cannabis-based treatment plans.

Tips for Traveling with Marijuana

When traveling with cannabis products, it's crucial to ensure compliance with TSA regulations. Opt for CBD items containing 0.3% or less THC, and carry all necessary documentation, including your medical marijuana card and doctor's prescription. 

Thoroughly research the cannabis laws of your destination, as federal regulations govern air travel, with TSA rules applied uniformly across states, regardless of local marijuana legalization. If flying with marijuana raises concerns, consider alternative options like legally shipping your products to your destination or purchasing them upon arrival. 

This proactive approach can help mitigate potential issues at airport security checkpoints. Exercising due diligence and following proper protocols is essential for a smooth and compliant travel experience with cannabis products.


Navigating the complexities of flying with marijuana requires a thorough understanding of both federal and state laws. In Louisiana, where recreational use is prohibited, having a medical marijuana card provides significant benefits but does not eliminate all travel-related risks. By adhering to TSA guidelines and staying informed about the legal landscape, you can minimize complications and ensure a smoother travel experience.

Obtaining a medical marijuana card not only offers legal protection within Louisiana but also grants access to high-quality medical products and professional guidance, making it an essential tool for those in need of marijuana for medical purposes. Always plan ahead and consider the safest options for carrying your marijuana products to ensure compliance with the law and avoid unnecessary hassles.

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