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  • Olivia Castro

Flower is Coming to Louisiana in 2022: Here is What You Need to Know About Buying Marijuana Flower!

Last month Governor John Bel Edwards passed a bill that will change the medical marijuana program in Louisiana forever! House Bill 391 will allow smokable marijuana flower to be added to dispensary menus. It will be available for purchase by January 1, 2022.

This is great news for Louisiana as a whole! There has never been a better time to try medical marijuana. If you are a resident in Louisiana with a medical condition, you could be approved for a medical marijuana card. Adding marijuana to your treatment could be a big help!

With the Louisiana marijuana program booming, there are some questions flying around. What do I need to know about purchasing marijuana flower? How do I know which strain to choose? How do I know which flower product is best for me?

Today we are going to get to all of the answers to these questions!

How To Choose a Marijuana Flower Strain:

These are all great questions to ask before marijuana is available for purchase in the state! Since it will be available to everyone at the same time, know that you are not the only one asking these kinds of questions.

Most people have a very shallow understanding of what marijuana strains there are. Most are familiar with indica, sativa and hybrids but these categories are actually not accurate at all! There are only marginal differences between these three categories and, in fact, they are actually used to describe the look of the marijuana plant, not the effects.

Even though these categories don’t really stand for anything, they are still used in the marijuana community. Indica strains are supposedly more sedative while sativa strains are more stimulating. Of course hybrids can be anywhere in the middle. Most strains that are available today are hybrids which is another reason why these categories aren’t accurate. Finding a pure sativa or pure indica strain is actually extremely rare!

Instead of looking to see if a strain is indica, sativa or a hybrid, there are two other factors that are more important.

First, the terpene profile is something you should be looking at. Terpenes are the chemical compounds in marijuana that give the plant texture, color, flavor and smell. These all play a role in how marijuana affects you!

Second, keep an eye on the cannabinoid ratio in the strain you are choosing. THC and CBD are the most famous cannabinoids found in marijuana. THC claims its fame by having psychoactive effects and CBD is known for not having any psychoactive effects. When choosing a marijuana flower strain, these can be in different ratios which you can pick based on the medical condition you are treating!

How To Know Which Flower Product To Buy:

As of now, we don’t really know exactly which flower products are going to be available at Louisiana dispensaries in 2022. But the marijuana industry is growing so rapidly that there are many new ways to consume flower!

Typically when people first buy flower products from dispensaries, they are concerned about the quality of the flower they are getting. It may sound a little backwards, but don’t get overly concerned about this. The medical marijuana industry is highly regulated since it is still federally illegal. This means that if you are purchasing your medical marijuana from a dispensary, you are already getting the best quality there is!

Instead of thinking about quality, you should be thinking about how you want to consume your flower. Are you wanting to roll your own joints at home? Then raw marijuana flower is for you! Is that a little too much work? They may think about buying pre-rolls instead! Do you want to use it in a vape or a bong? Questions such as these will help guide you to the right flower product for you!

Things to Remember. . .

Even though you are using medical marijuana to treat your condition, remember that you can still enjoy it! There is no reason why you can’t aid your medical condition while also having a nice experience.

Remember that you deserve relief and happiness! You can get both of those things here at Louisiana Marijuana Card. Schedule an appointment with us today!


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