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  • Jennifer Betz

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day By Going Green With Your Louisiana Marijuana Card!

With Medical Marijuana Helping You Feel Your Best, There Are So Many Reasons to Celebrate!

Here at Louisiana Marijuana Card, we feel like we’ve always got the luck o’ the Irish on our side, and we want to share it with you! We are excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and looking forward to the opportunity to try new things since we are still distancing to keep everyone safe.

We can help you find the pot of gold (pun intended) at the end of the rainbow this year, by offering new patients $30 off of your Louisiana medical marijuana evaluation. Visit our site on March 17th, 2021, and enter LUCKY30 when you schedule your appointment, to save some green getting authorized to buy your green.

While local festivities, celebrations, and parades have been canceled or dramatically toned down, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate! There are still some block parties and bar crawls in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, but you can stay completely safe with the suggestions we have here.

You may just find yourself a new tradition you want to keep for years to come.

We’ve all heard the expression that “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day (even if you’re French),” and at Louisiana Marijuana Card, we couldn’t agree more! Medical marijuana is legal in Louisiana, and you can now enjoy the luck o’ the Irish with some green of your own.

With so many new ways to go green, St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t just mean wearing that itchy avocado-colored sweater you only pull out once a year and swilling beer that has food coloring in it.

Check out our top ten suggestions for ways to make the most of the St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year and every year on March 17th.

1. Get Your Louisiana Marijuana Recommendation

If you don’t yet have a recommendation for medical marijuana from a doctor in the state of Louisiana, what are you waiting for? With medical marijuana being legal in the Bayou State and a long list of qualifying conditions, getting the natural relief you’ve been searching for is easier than ever!

Our understanding doctors are here for you every step of the way! We can answer all your questions, help you understand the products available to you and how to get them, and even help you get your medical records if you’re having trouble.

When you call us at (833) 253-2943 or schedule a same-day HIPPA-certified telehealth appointment with one of our doctors, you immediately have someone by your side who can help you navigate your way to legal medical marijuana. We aren’t saying we deserve sainthood, but we are way more fun than finding a leprechaun!

2. Visit a Louisiana Dispensary … Or Have Them Visit You!

After you get a medical marijuana recommendation from one of our doctors, you can visit your local dispensary to make purchases. And after you consult with the pharmacist at your chosen dispensary, you can even choose to have your medical marijuana delivered right to your door!

There are dispensaries open in nine zones across the state, and they serve every precinct—including delivery.


Baton Rouge



Lake Charles


New Orleans


West Monroe

Delta Medmar

Celebrate your right to green health by stocking up on tinctures, edibles, concentrates, and metered-dose inhalers. When you can feel your best naturally, it’s like having a party for one every day!

3. Wake Up, Eat a Gummy, Relax, and Repeat

When it comes to our favorite way to celebrate a day full of green, medical marijuna wins every time! We promise we will get to some other ways to celebrate the Irish holiday soon, but one last cannabis-related suggestion first!

Why not spend a day this weekend celebrating St. Paddy’s day by savoring the fact that you can now live pain and anxiety-free? When you get up, enjoy an edible to help you get moving. Appreciate the fact that you can move without the same aches and pains you felt when you were dealing with chronic pain and trying not to take medicine that makes you feel drowsy or grumpy.

When your dose of medical marijuana starts to wear off, take a dropperful of a THC tincture—or maybe some CBD—to help you keep going, or rub on some THC-infused lotion to keep the feeling flowing all day long. Check out one of our recent articles to help you understand the differences between medical marijuana and CBD.

At the end of your day, try a capsule to help you get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in forever.

4. Look into Online Events

If you have always wanted to travel to London, Dublin, or NYC to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day like they do in the motherland? Well now you can … virtually! Celebrations all over the world are changing to adjust to COVID restrictions. They are keeping us safe and giving us a chance to participate in ways some of us never imagined! Travel around the world and celebrate St. Paddy’s Day without ever leaving your couch.

5. Go For a Run

Spring is almost here, and we’ve got spring fever like nobody’s business! If you are feeling the jitters of the season and medical marijuana has you ready to move, try going for a St. Patrick’s Day run!

Most of the organized runs specifically for St. Patrick’s Day already took place over the weekend before, but that doesn’t mean that this is not a great time to get yourself in shape.

There are running clubs all over Louisiana, and you can even start your own with a few friends.

6. Suck Down a Shamrock Shake!

Since its beginnings in 1970, this popular annual McDonald’s treat has had us waiting for March to come so we can indulge. Green, frothy, cold and sweet, hitting the drive thru for one of these is a great reward for that 10k jog you just went on … right?

What flavor is it? No one really knows. But who ever said delicious needed to be named anyway?

7. Get Your Plants Ready for Spring

Get your houseplants ready to see the sunshine and fresh air again! Maybe it’s even time to repot. Take inventory and start some seedlings for your summer garden if you haven’t done it yet!

8. Make Changes for the Environment

Here is a list of some incredibly simple ways to go green for 2021. You don’t have to make complicated changes in order to make a big impact, and it’s never too late to get started. Try recycling, cutting back on the packaging you use and buy, and think about some solar panels to keep your power on if there is another big winter freeze.

9. Become a Master Hunter - For 4-Leaf Clovers

Smithsonian Magazine says that 4-leaf clovers are actually pretty common. Develop your strategy and in no time, you’ll be able to find a 4-leaf clover in every 1.2 meter patch of clover grass.

10. Okay … Go Ahead and Drink That Green Beer

We get it. Sometimes you just need to swill a big chilled mug of Miller Lite with a green glob or food coloring mixed in to feel like you’re doing St. Patrick’s Day right. It’s probably not a good idea to go around collecting kisses this year, so bottom’s up! Happy St. Patrick’s Day from all of us at Louisiana Marijuana Card.


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