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  • Bailey Porras

Cannabis Bioavailability: What’s the Most Effective Method?

Medical marijuana is legal in the State of Louisiana, and you can get your medical card today! If you want to visit any dispensaries in the state, you will need your medical card, but don’t worry, we can help!

If you already have your medical card, we hope you have gotten a chance to visit Louisiana’s medical dispensaries. There are many different forms of cannabis available at dispensaries, and everybody has their personal preferences.

You may wonder about the effectiveness of your preferred method of delivery. It’s true that different delivery methods may be more effective than others, so which method is the best in terms of effectiveness?

What Is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is basically how much you are getting out of the drug you are consuming. A higher bioavailability rate means that your body absorbs more of the drug through that particular delivery method.

Bioavailability of Smoking & Vaping

The most commonly preferred delivery method for cannabis is smoking by far and vaping is a close second. These methods both involve inhalation. The bioavailability of smoking and vaping cannabis is around 31%.

It also depends on how long of a puff you are taking and how long you hold the smoke in for. However, you should be careful not to hold in your hit for too long, because long inhales can potentially do damage to your lungs.

Bioavailability of Sublingual Methods

Sublingual methods involve putting a substance under your tongue for quick absorption. An example would be a tincture or spray. The bioavailability of this method is estimated to be around 92-98%.

So, sublingual methods have the highest bioavailability rate and are thus the most effective delivery method.

Bioavailability of Oral Methods

The oral method is not quite the same as sublingual. Instead of putting the substance under your tongue, you just eat or drink it. An example of this would be edibles in any form such as brownies or gummies.

The bioavailability of the oral method is estimated to be between 4-20%, which is one of the lowest rates of all the methods. So, the oral method is one of the least effective methods in terms of bioavailability.

The Bottom Line

There is not enough research studies on the other methods including topical, transdermal, and suppository, so we are not sure about the bioavailability rates for those methods.

The sublingual method is the most effective delivery method out of the ones mentioned. This means that your body is utilizing more of the THC when you use a sublingual method than any other method.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today

Medical marijuana is legal in the State of Louisiana and you can get your medical marijuana card today! It is now easier than ever to get your card, so if you think cannabis may benefit you, what are you waiting for?

If you aren’t sure if you qualify for a card, we can help! Just give us a call and we can answer any questions you may have.

Marijuana is an excellent alternative medicine that offers natural, safe, and legal relief for an array of symptoms. If you think cannabis could help some of your symptoms, what are you waiting for?

Schedule an evaluation online today with one of our knowledgeable, compassionate doctors to see if you qualify for your medical card. Not only will you discuss your condition and options, but you can do so through a virtual appointment in the safety of your own home!


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