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  • Ashley Slimak

Can Marijuana Use Impact My Job Performance?

Marijuana Use and Job Performance

A common myth about marijuana is that consumption outside of work hours can negatively impact patients’ job performance.

A study conducted by two business professors from San Diego State University took a deeper look at marijuana usage and the effects on work performance. The study sampled 281 employees and their direct supervisors. Each employee was asked about how frequently they used cannabis and the time they used it, whether it was before, during or after their work shift. Each supervisor was asked to document their employees’ performance and behavior every day.

Using Medical Marijuana Before v. After Work

The study found that employees who used cannabis right before their shift or during work hours saw a negative impact on job performance. In contrast, those that consumed marijuana after work hours did not see a negative impact on job performance the following day. The employees that used cannabis during after work hours were able to concentrate on tasks at work and were not impaired. On the other hand, the supervisors of the participants that used cannabis before and during work reported that the employees’ focus, ability to complete tasks and overall performance were impacted.

Dr. Jeremy Bernerth, management professor at San Diego State University’s Fowler College of Business and leader of the study, suggested that marijuana can provide benefits for employees after work hours. Bernerth found that when employees use cannabis after hours it helps them to unwind, destress and return to work the next day with ‘renewed enthusiasm and energy’.

How Should I Properly Medicate?

For medical marijuana patients, it is important to be mindful of the time of day that you choose to medicate so that it does not interfere with daily tasks and performance. Keep in mind that, although you are a registered medical marijuana patient, you are still subject to the policies put in place by your employer (link to official laws?). Company policies may prohibit the use of marijuana before or during work hours.

It is also important to track how you medicate and the effects you experience. If you find that consuming cannabis makes you lethargic or unable to focus, try to medicate after work hours or at night. Every patient’s experience differs based. Always consult with your doctor and budtender at the dispensary about the best products and dosages to fit your lifestyle.


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