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  • Bailey Porras

A Task Force in Louisiana Dives Into the Medical Marijuana Workplace Issue

Medical marijuana is available to residents of Louisiana now, and thousands of patients are reaping the benefits. The state has 28 conditions that qualifies a patient for medicinal cannabis use, and we are hopeful that the list will continue to expand.

With patients’ new medicine comes the issue of job-related repercussions for testing positive for marijuana, even if they have done everything legally and have their Louisiana marijuana card.

This potential problem could affect thousands of medical marijuana patients. When they are recommended medication from a doctor, they believe they should not be penalized for exercising their legal right to access it.

A new Louisiana task force is looking for solutions to this issue. The task force is researching other state’s laws on employment and medical marijuana and will draft proposals for Louisiana lawmakers to consider.


Why might a company enact rules regarding medical marijuana for their employees? Troy Prevot, a task force member and physician, believes that many companies are not actually opposed to medical marijuana.

Prevot believes that companies simply do not want to be liable for a worker who may be intoxicated on the job. The main reason for companies imposing medical marijuana mandates at work is for protection against lawsuits.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

There are currently 17 states with anti-discrimination laws which typically protect employees from being fired or otherwise penalized for medical marijuana use. However, many of these states allow employers to fire employees for being under the influence of marijuana while at work.

Troy Prevot stated that many of these laws are outdated and based on the false premise that a positive drug test is an indicator of drug intoxication. It is possible for a person to smoke marijuana and test positive up to a month later on a hair follicle drug test.

There is no drug test that would determine if a person is intoxicated at that exact moment. Drug tests typically show past drug use, and people metabolize at different rates based on weight, food-intake, water-intake, and more.

Marijuana-Friendly Companies

In summer of 2022, Amazon announced that positive results for marijuana on a drug test would no longer disqualify prospective employees from jobs that are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, including truck drivers.

Many other companies have taken similar steps to show their support for medical marijuana patients, including Kroger, Marriott, Goodwill, Target, and more.

Federal Status of Medical Marijuana

Since cannabis is still considered a Schedule I drug, it is difficult to pass laws on employment and medical marijuana, especially in the private sector. The Americans With Disabilities Act currently protects people from being fired for drug addiction or alcoholism, but it does not extend to medical marijuana since it is still illegal federally.

With President Joe Biden’s recent promise to re-evaluate the status of marijuana, we can only hope that there will be changes to the scheduling of the drug on the federal level.

Get Access to Medical Marijuana Today

We are making headway as far as legal protections for medical marijuana patients, so there is no better time to be a medical marijuana patient!

In Louisiana, you must have a medical marijuana card to gain access to medical dispensaries throughout the state. If you don’t already have yours, we can help with that!

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At Louisiana Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce the stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

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