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5 Delicious Edible Recipes For Louisiana Medical Marijuana Patients

Cannabis flower is now an approved product for patients with who qualify for a medical marijuana certification in Louisiana. You can now purchase cannabis flower from dispensaries when it’s in stock!

With cannabis flower and distillate available at pharmacies, Louisiana medical marijuana patients can bake their own cannabis-infused dishes as an alternative to the higher prices of edibles.

With recipes ranging from easy to expert, we’ve got 5 DIY edible recipes that will blow your mind. Whether you’re a microwave-and-go type of person or a true-to-the-bone cuisine enthusiast, you’ll get plenty high from these 5 stoner dishes.

5 DIY Edible Recipes for Cannabis-Infused Food

#5 THC PB&J - Level: Easy

Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches are an American staple, and they’re one of the easiest sandwiches to make. Fortunately, for medical marijuana patients, it’s extremely easy to make cannabis-infused peanut butter as well.

It’s the same process as making homemade cannabutter, except you swap the butter for peanut butter.

If you’re looking for the quickest possible homemade edible, you could make firecrackers. To be fair, they don’t taste very good, so we think PB&Js are a much better choice.

#4 Pot Bacon – Level: Extremely Easy

Bacon is delicious, and if you’ve never had medicated bacon, you’re in for a treat.

There are two ways to get your weed bacon cooking

  • Simply add decarboxylated cannabis flower to both sides of the bacon and cook until done

  • Cook the bacon in cannabutter and add decarboxylated cannabis flower to both sides of the bacon for extra powerful stoner-bacon

And if you were thinking about sprinkling some decarbed cannabis on the top of your marijuana eggs, then we’re on the same page.

#3 CannaPancakes – Level: Very Easy

Pancakes are delicious, so it’s probably best to make two batches of pancakes, one medicated and one not, because the urge to eat all of them will be strong after you consume the medicated batch.

Swap butter for cannabutter and enjoy!

If you want to get complex with it, you can make your pancakes from cannamilk, and if you want to go expert level you could also make them with cannabis-infused yogurt.

Regardless of the way you choose to make your cannabis pancakes, you can’t go wrong with medicated maple syrup on top.

#2 Cannabis Quiche – Level: Intermediate

Quiches taste fantastic, and they’re easy to pop in the oven with a little extra prep work.

Choose any quiche recipe, swap butter for cannabutter and you’re good to go. We like this cheesy cannabis frittata and the healthier choice of a crust-less quiche made with cannabutter.

Of course, you’re not limited to just quiches. Feel free to experiment with cannabis casseroles, cannabis cornbread, and all manner of cannabis-crockpot dishes.

#1 Raspberry-Pear Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Level: Expert

Grilled cheese is possibly at the height of stoner foods.

They’re easy to make and so good. Nothing quite hits the spot like a warm grilled cheese after a few joints of OG Kush.

Chief among the grilled cheese recipes is a cannabis-infused raspberry-pear grilled cheese sandwich, which is not as difficult to make as it is to say out loud.

We highly recommend swapping the muenster cheese for havarti cheese, though feel free to choose the cheese that makes you happy.

Get Your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Certification

With cannabis flower now available in Louisiana, patients can purchase a variety of strains at approved pharmacies and make their own edibles at home. To legally purchase cannabis at a Louisiana pharmacy, patients must first obtain a medical marijuana certification.

Beat the lines and get your medical marijuana certification in Louisiana today, and you can even get certified for medical marijuana online for ease of use and convenience.

For questions about Louisiana’s medical marijuana program or how to become a medical marijuana patient in Louisiana, consult with one of our trusted doctors and book an online medical marijuana appointment today!


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Relief You Can Trust.

At Louisiana Marijuana Card, our mission is helping everyone achieve wellness safely and conveniently through increased access to medical marijuana. Our focus on education, inclusion, and acceptance will reduce the stigma for our patients by providing equal access to timely information and compassionate care.

Call us at (833) 253-2943, or simply book a medical marijuana evaluation to start getting relief you can trust today!

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