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Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis in Louisiana

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease that currently affects 400,000 Americans. There's no cure for MS, and diagnosing the condition can be difficult because symptoms are common in everyday life, such as dizziness, headaches, or muscle spasms. 


Multiple Sclerosis is approved as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Louisiana.


Multiple sclerosis is a progressive autoimmune disorder that works by attacking the central nervous system, i.e the brain and spinal cord.  It can cause problems with vision, muscle control (such as balance or strength), thought processes like memory retention and recall, even sensory perception can be heavily influenced by MS.


MS is a rare and often misunderstood disease that slowly destroys the myelin covering on nerve cells, which prevent them from communicating with one another.

Progression of Multiple Sclerosis

The destruction of myelin on nerve cells removes their protective covering, and with enough degradation, symptoms will increase, and in some cases, become debilitating. 


Communication between cells will be gradually lost until there isn't enough myelin left, which can lead to more severe symptoms such as paralysis.


The brain is a highly complex organ that performs billions of functions with the help from its spinal cord. However, when you have damage to these either of these two parts due to inflammation caused by plaque lesions, they become paralyzed and can no longer function as efficiently which causes many problems in day-to-day life for people living with MS or other related diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease

What are the Symptoms of MS?

  • Urinary problems

  • Tingling and numbness

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Problems with bladder control

  • Pain

  • Muscle weakness 

  • Muscle spasms

  • Fatigue

  • Double vision

  • Dizziness

  • Difficulty walking

  • Depression

How is Multiple Sclerosis Treated?

Treatment plans typically focus on improving quality of life and reducing the symptoms or complications of MS rather than the disease itself. This usually involves medications such as painkillers and sedatives.

Medications that treat the disease progression, as well as the sedatives and painkillers that treat symptoms of MS, often come with unpleasant side effects.

Can Medical Marijuana Help with Multiple Sclerosis?

The symptoms of MS can be highly variable and unpredictable.

This makes it difficult to diagnose the condition early, because not all people who suffer from mild or unnoticeable disabilities will ever accumulate more severe problems with mobility. 

Others may only experience minor issues at first but become disabled later when their myelin is destroyed beyond repair. 

Because multiple sclerosis is a complex, unpredictable condition that can lead to many different symptoms, it's often difficult for patients and doctors to figure out the best medication plan - often requiring mixtures of drugs or trying new ones until they find one without unpleasant side effects.
This is one of the primary reasons why patients with multiple sclerosis look at medical marijuana as a potential alternative medication. 

The Science Behind Medical Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis

Medical marijuana is increasingly being used for its anti-inflammatory effects, muscle relaxation, and improved sleep quality. Recent research has suggested that there may be many other benefits to be had in MS patients who use cannabis as a medication alternative.

There are many people living with multiple sclerosis who have found that cannabis is an effective treatment for their pain and muscle stiffness. Studies indicate it could be one of the most promising natural treatments out there, so more research needs to be done on this!

Controlling inflammation is a major component of managing MS, and cannabis contains some potent anti-inflammatory cannabinoids.

While more research is needed to understand the effects of cellular degeneration and how it can be prevented or reduced, there are suggestible scientific links between cannabis use in reducing neuroinflammation.

Many medical researchers have begun paying heightened attention to the relationship between medical marijuana and MS, because they realize its potential relevance across many diseases with chronic symptoms like Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Get a Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card for Multiple Sclerosis

Louisiana has added multiple sclerosis to its list of approved conditions, which means that people who are suffering from MS are legally able to use medical marijuana in order alleviate their symptoms.

A medical marijuana card is required to use cannabis legally in Louisiana, and our doctors can help you along every step of the way. 


To find out more about using medical marijuana for multiple sclerosis, consult with our staff of qualified doctors that can help walk you through the path to getting medical marijuana to help with multiple sclerosis.


Our doctors can be reached at (833) 253-2943 to answer any questions you may have about getting a Louisiana marijuana card for multiple sclerosis.

You can even get your Louisiana Medical Marijuana Card in 3 easy steps!

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Step 1

Schedule a telemedicine appointment by calling us at (833) 253-2943.


Step 2

Meet virtually with one of our certified physicians through telemedicine to discuss your medical history.


Step 3

With the doctor's approval, you'll receive your recommendation from the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online Today!

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