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  • Bailey Porras

Louisiana Medical Marijuana Task Force Approves Workplace Protection Recommendations

Louisiana’s medical marijuana program is off to a great start and expanding, making it easier for patients to have safe, legal access to their medicine. One of the most common questions we get is, “Can I get in trouble at work for having a medical marijuana card?”

Medical marijuana is legal in the State of Louisiana, yet people can still get in trouble or lose their job for using it. Patients with their medical card have gone through the process legally and are finally getting the relief they deserve, so why is this the case?

If medical marijuana is legal, why do cannabis patients have to worry about getting in trouble at work for having their card?

Unfortunately, Louisiana hasn't offered any type of protections for medical patients in the workplace, so it is basically left up to employers. In the past couple of weeks, this has changed as Louisiana finally steps up to protect its medical marijuana patients.

Workplace Protection Recommendations

A task force made recommendations that employers can no longer discriminate against medical card holders or refuse to hire these patients. They added that employers cannot impose consequences on employees based solely upon their status as a medical cannabis patient.

The task force also approved some protections for employers. One measure would allow employers to impose consequences on employees who use or possess cannabis while they are at work.

The Medical Marijuana Commission will also consider implementing a card program for medical cannabis patients. Currently, Louisiana is the only medical marijuana state that does not have identification cards.

Arguments Against Workplace Protection

Many medical marijuana patients are all for workplace protection, but some people do not think the government has the right to impose policies for private business owners. Many would argue that the government should not have a say in any private business restrictions.

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