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  • Olivia Castro

Does Marijuana Use Affect COVID-19 Risk?

As we enter deeper into the winter months, we are seeing the increase in COVID-19 cases across the country. With the spike in cases, many medical marijuana patients are wondering, does medical marijuana use affect one's COVID-19 risk? As with any COVID-19 question, the answer is complicated.

How It Can Help

Millions of people across the country use medical marijuana. For patients that use medical marijuana, it is best to not change any medication routines to avoid medical disruptions.

There are many benefits to using medical marijuana during the pandemic. For example, medical marijuana can help patients with appetite, weight or nutrient issues such as those with HIV/AIDS, cancer or wasting syndrome. Using medical marijuana can help these patients increase appetite, sustain/put on weight and retain more nutrients. This helps patients strengthen their immune system, which in turn gives patients a strong defense against COVID-19. The same concept applies for those with chronic pain or autoimmune diseases. If medical marijuana helps a patient fight their disease, then it also keeps them in the best health to fight off COVID-19.

Safety Precautions For Cannabis Use

There are a few easy ways to stay safe as a medical marijuana patient during the pandemic. Some states have increased their purchasing limit in order to allow patients to stock up on their medication and limit their exposure to others. Check with your doctor to see if you are in one of those states. If you are not, call your local dispensary and see if they have pick-up or delivery options. This is an easy way to limit contact which is a service a lot of dispensaries are providing now.

Lastly, consider switching to non-inhalation methods of medical marijuana. Oils, tinctures and edibles are a great way to consume your medical marijuana without having to worry about the effects of combustions and inhalation.

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