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  • Bailey Porras

Are Doctors and Nurses Allowed to Have Their Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical professionals are thought to be the gatekeepers of medical marijuana, since patients must consult with them in order to get their medical marijuana cards. But doctors and nurses have medical issues too!

So can they get their medical marijuana card? Technically, the answer is yes in any state with a medical marijuana program, but it is a bit of a gray area. In the case that they do use marijuana, medical professionals have strict rules to follow to make sure their medicine does not interfere with their work.


For nurses in Louisiana, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing has an outline with certain regulations for medical marijuana patients who work in the medical field. Basically, the bottom line is that their use of medical marijuana cannot interfere with their work.

The biggest rule to keep in mind for nurses is that if they are caught with THC in their system, it is possible for the state board to seek disciplinary action against them.

Hours or even days after you use marijuana, you could still have THC in your system. It depends on the type of drug test administered, when you last used THC, how frequent you use it, and how much you used. Even if you are not impaired, you can still test positive for THC, so this is a very gray area.

If you are a nurse with your medical card, make sure you allow enough time for THC to exit your system before your next shift, and definitely do not go to work if you are impaired at all.


The guidelines for doctors with their medical marijuana card are basically the same as the rules for nurses. Doctors cannot use cannabis while they are on call or at work and must be free from any impairment while they are working. The same goes for alcohol and other drugs as well.

Although there is no law against doctors or nurses getting their medical marijuana card, many hospitals and workplaces have specific rules against it. Many hospitals have zero-tolerance drug policies and drug test their employees regularly.

If you are a medical professional found with THC in your system and your employer has specific rules against this, you could lose your job. And if you are found impaired on the job, you could even lose your medical license.

The Bottom Line

Louisiana does not have any laws in place regarding medical professionals getting their medical card, but it is mostly left up to employers. Most hospitals have strict policies against drug use and enforce them with mandatory drug tests.

Medical professionals can get their medical cards in Louisiana, but it is important to ensure your system is clear of THC before going back to work and most importantly that you are not impaired while on the job.

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